Best Skipping ropes in India (Jumping ropes) 2019


The Best Skipping ropes or jumping ropes are open of the most used and preferred fitness item in the world. They used far and wide by thousands of athletes in their daily fitness routine. Skipping ropes are used right in the kindergarten schools to old age by millions of people.

Skipping is considered a full body exercise because it involves almost all the parts of your body. Skipping rope exercise will burn almost 1200 calories of your body per hour.

Best Skipping ropesWhile I highlight differences in the ropes in the review below, the truth is each one of these ropes would be an excellent option and the biggest differences aren’t necessarily in performance, but in price and preference. That said, I used the following seven criteria to judge each rope:

  1. Weight of the handles: CrossFit athletes know it’s the arms that wear out first when jumping, not the legs. When the arms fatigue you start to miss. The handles, therefore, must be light weight.
  2. Track record: Is the jump rope being used at the highest levels of competition by the top competitors?
  3. Function: The rope must turn smooth and fast, and have a good, comfortable grip that doesn’t slip when you sweat.
  4. Versatility: Can it be used by athletes of various ability levels? Can it be used indoors or outdoors? The ability of the jump rope to accept various sizes, types and weights of cables is key here. Heavier cables may be more appropriate for intermediate jumpers while expert jumpers use thinner cables. There are also some cables that can be used outdoors on hard surfaces.
  5. Ease of resizing: When you get your rope, can you size it perfectly for your needs? Jump ropes that are too long will slow you down, and jump ropes that are too short will cause misses. Ease of adjusting to your optimum size “out of the box” is important.
  6. Cable quality: Nylon coating is much tougher and lasts longer the vinyl coatings. We also find that USA made cable is superior in durability, and kinks less easily, than cable made overseas.
  7. Cost

Here are a couple of key considerations before you pick a rope:

  1. Outdoor Rating: Will this jump rope be used indoors or outdoors? Many jump ropes now will wear out very quickly on hard surfaces like concrete, so it’s important to pick an outdoor rated rope if you’re planning on jumping outdoors.
  2. Trick Rating: Will this rope be used to do tricks, like crossing moves? Many ropes now are built exclusively for speed, and won’t do crossing moves well.
  3. Speed Rating: How fast do you want the rope to go? Competition speed jumping and CrossFit have really spurred much of the recent jump rope innovation, with a big variety of speed ropes now on the market.
  4. Durability: Does your jump rope need to last for a while? Or is it OK if it breaks down after a few months? There are big differences in manufacturing and material quality that affect the durability of your rope.
  5. Ease of resizing: Are you OK with a jump rope that comes in one set size, or would you like to resize it to fit different people or activities?
  6. Versatility: Do you want to use your jump rope indoors and outdoors? Do you want to swap out rope styles for different activities (for example for double under speed jumping and the freestyle jumping)? Some ropes are more versatile for many activities than others.
  7. Cost: Where do you get the most bang for your buck?

However, with a plethora of options available on the market, finding the ideal unit for your fitness needs could turn out to become a daunting task.

Here is a list of the 10 best skipping ropes that you could buy in 2018 that should make your hunt for the perfect skipping rope easier.

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Best Skipping ropes in India

Here is our list of some fine jumping ropes available in our country India.

Bestseller No. 1
Vector X Skipping Rope (Black)
1,093 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
Strauss Adjustable Skipping Rope
  • Strauss Jump Rope made to improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • The skipping rope promotes the skill and endurance of the children in a playful way.
  • Good group skipping rope, suitable for many people jump, entertainment is very strong
Bestseller No. 3
SPORTLAND Adjustable Skipping Rope for Gym Training and Workout
183 Reviews
SPORTLAND Adjustable Skipping Rope for Gym Training and Workout
  • Durable And Adjustable Skipping Rope: Premium quality jump rope made from cable for long durability. Designed for athletes of all levels
  • Lightweight Rope: Skipping Rope for folks serious about cardio training, easy to store and adjustable. It is good for those interested in being fit.
  • Quality: Premium quality, durable jump rope, exclusive designed for fitness and sports lovers
SaleBestseller No. 5
Kore K-Skipping-Rope Skipping Rope
297 Reviews
Kore K-Skipping-Rope Skipping Rope
  • 1 skipping rope
  • 9' pvc cord, colour of foam handle may vary, size - standard size
  • Economical, lightweight foam handle for increased comfort
Bestseller No. 7
Cockatoo, Skipping Rope; Jump Rope
42 Reviews
Cockatoo, Skipping Rope; Jump Rope
  • Cockatoo Skipping Rope increases body stamina
  • This Jump Rope can be used as a cardiovascular workout, similar to jogging or bicycle riding
  • Help to burn Calories
Bestseller No. 8
Klapp Skipping Rope, Jump Rope
7 Reviews
Klapp Skipping Rope, Jump Rope
  • Skipping Rope is Ideal For Daily Use
  • Available is multiple colour
  • Build stamina, lose weight and tone arms and legs
Bestseller No. 9
Curveit Leap Speed Skipping Rope For Men, Women & Kids-10 Ft Light Weight Long Adjustable Steel Cable Wire Jump Rope | Designed For Intermediate And Advanced Levels | Light Weighted Handles Cause Less Arm Fatigue | Can Do 2 To 3 Rounds Per Second
177 Reviews
Curveit Leap Speed Skipping Rope For Men, Women & Kids-10 Ft Light Weight Long Adjustable Steel Cable Wire Jump Rope | Designed For Intermediate And Advanced Levels | Light Weighted Handles Cause Less Arm Fatigue | Can Do 2 To 3 Rounds Per Second
  • LIGHT WEIGHTED HANDLES: Light weighted handles cause less arm fatigue, which helps you in doing more jumps. It also helps you in not missing the jumps.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: The rope turns fast and smooth, which is required in Crossfit and speed sports. The grip is comfortable even when your palms sweat.
  • EXTRA LONG EASILY ADJUSTABLE CABLE ROPE: The rope is 10 feet long and adjustable as per the height of the person. The ends can be cut to make it shorter. The black caps should be put back after cutting it short.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Zenofit Adjustable Speed Skipping Jump Rope, 9.1 feet Extra Long Durable, Benefits Gym Weight Loss for Men Women Kids Girls Adults Children of All Heights and Skill Levels in Workout, Exercise, Games, Boxing, Cardio, MMA, Crossfit
3 Reviews
Zenofit Adjustable Speed Skipping Jump Rope, 9.1 feet Extra Long Durable, Benefits Gym Weight Loss for Men Women Kids Girls Adults Children of All Heights and Skill Levels in Workout, Exercise, Games, Boxing, Cardio, MMA, Crossfit
  • GET FIT FAST: Excellent calorie burning skipping equipment for beginners and professionals that benefits quick weight loss, cardio exercises, gym workouts, CrossFit games, body building, heavy boxing training and MMA.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: The best skipping jump rope with easy 1-minute built-in length adjustment mechanism. The jump rope 9.1 feet cable suits men and women up to 6 feet 2 inches (6' 2'') in height. Also ideal for girls kids adults and children. One size fits all and all skill levels.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Speed jumprope with special frictionless ball bearings for smooth rotation. Includes special tangle resistant cables. Light weight handles for long workouts with a comfortable foam gripper. Protector spring in the middle to withstand wear and tear and ensures long life and durability.

Benefits of skipping ropes

Best Skipping Ropes is beneficial to the human body in many aspects. Also there countless health benefits associated with skipping regularly.

1. Shape Muscles

Skipping will shape muscles all across your body, the skipping targets muscles in your legs, stomach and other parts. Thus making them stronger better toned.

2. Save Money

Best Skipping Ropes involves only purchasing the rope, rest of the part involves using it regularly of skip. Therefore this will save you a lot of money needed for gym memberships.

3. Improves your day

Best Skipping Ropes daily will help you feel more energetic and considerable help you feel more alive or active during the day time. Thus helping you stay more focused on your routine work.

4. Improves health and remain young

Skipping regularly can you attain healthier life style which can increase your life expectancy. Hence helping you remain healthy for a long time. It also helps you remain younger, so that you don’t suffer from the problem of ageing.

5. Prevent diseases

Jumping regularly can help you reduce diseases and prevent the risk of having cholesterol, blood pressure and also will help increase your bone density.

Factors to consider before buying Jump Ropes

If you are only picking up skipping rope for fun, there are not a lot of parameters for you to narrow down your selection. Really, the major questions for choosing jump ropes for pleasure boil down to durability versus price. Is it going to hold up for the length of time you need to get your money’s worth? Will any cheap rope do?

However, if you plan to work out, there are a good number of things to consider. Finding the best jump ropes for you can be difficult.

Durability is still an issue, because as a piece of exercise equipment, your jump rope is going to go through the ringer. Ropes come in different thicknesses and weights, with the handles also being weighted or unweighted; heavier handles are going to tire you out first, but they will also tone your arms quicker.

Nylon-coated ropes typically last longer than vinyl, and you want to be able to adjust it to fit your size. You want handles that will not slip when you sweat and are comfortable in your hands.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Jump Rope

Workout Goals

Are you looking for a rope to use for steady cardio or do you plan on working on speed by mastering double or even triple unders?  Some ropes are more specialized than others so, if you are really going for speed you may want a great cable rope. However, if you are not feeling that ambitious or want to do a variety of workouts you may choose a more basic rope.

Location Used

Consider where you will be doing most of your jumping. Do you need a rope that is easy to pack up and take to the gym? Also, think about what surface you will be jumping on. Jumping on concrete will do more damage to a rope and may require investing in a more durable design. At the same time if you plan to jump in your home you do not want something too heavy duty that will damage your floors. Typically leather will hold up best if you plan to use your rope indoors while PVC and beaded ropes will hold up better to outdoor use.


Are you serious about jumping rope regularly or do you plan to use this for occasional warm-ups and workouts? There are some really nice, quality ropes that are worth the investment if you plan to use them often. But, if you don’t see yourself jumping often, you may be perfectly happy with a simpler rope.


As an exercise, skipping uses very little impact and it’s highly unlikely to get injured while swinging away. Although, if you have previous trouble with your knees, please be careful and try to listen to your body. If any pain or ache, you should stop immediately.

Final Word

We have reached the end of the article and will like to conclude by recommending Reebok skipping rope because it is a top brand and it is going to last longer. Also by having a good branded quality skipping rope can drive you to skip regularly and make good use of it.


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