Top 10 Best Shaker Bottles Along With Price And Key Features

Best Shaker Bottles: Shaker bottles are small containers that are used to measure as well as to mix powders, liquids etc. Shaker bottles are very popular these days and come with advanced technology. These bottles are specially designed for people who want to make protein shakes and carry it. In addition, these bottles are handy as well as easy to carry. Here we have sorted out the best shaker bottles along with key features.

Shaker bottles come with a wide variety of features. Most of the advanced bottles are provided with mesh screens or sometimes ball whisks. These features make the proteins or any other liquids easy to mix. In addition, these bottles come with sip top lid and enable the users to drink without spilling. Nowadays almost all the shakers come with measurement markings on the bottles and also separate compartments to hold or store pills, tablets, extra supplements etc.

Shaker bottles are perfect for mixing protein shakes, pre-workouts, or any other supplement drink with ease. Plus, they’re perfect for those times when you’re headed out to door to go get active!

Top 10 Best Shaker Bottles List in India

SaleBestseller No. 1
Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker 700ml(Grey/Black)
3,177 Reviews
Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker 700ml(Grey/Black)
  • Easy to Use: Our advance design let you open the lid with just a simple push of the bottom
  • You can open and drink with one hand, let you stay hydrated while performing other actions
  • The Mixer Ball wire whisk— Add your ingredients, drop in the Fitkit Classic Protein Shaker Mixer Sports Bottle, and shake
SaleBestseller No. 2
HAANS Spider Protein Shaker Bottle, 500ml (Color-Red)
244 Reviews
HAANS Spider Protein Shaker Bottle, 500ml (Color-Red)
  • HAANS are only authorized seller of this product, others are fake suppliers.
  • HAANS Shaker Bottles are 100% Food grade material the most safe & healthy material for bottles which is BPA Free. Eco Friendly, safe for all
  • 100 % Leak proof, storage container, pill container, water bottle plus shaker for preparation and saving time
SaleBestseller No. 3
Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle 500ml
516 Reviews
Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle 500ml
  • Patented blender ball wire whisk mixes as you shake
  • Perfect for protein shakes, smoothies, pancake batter and more
  • Leak proof, storage container, pill container, water bottle plus shaker for preparation and saving time
SaleBestseller No. 4
Jaypee Plus Plastic Shaker and Wire Blending Ball, Grey Blue,700ml
905 Reviews
Jaypee Plus Plastic Shaker and Wire Blending Ball, Grey Blue,700ml
  • Best for mixing protein drinks at gyms or for energy drinks for outdoor sports or just simply use it for drinking water at your office/home
  • 100 percent Leak proof as it comes with screw tight lid The secure screw lid top ensures no spills whilst the wide spout and 'flip cap' offer an easy to use
  • Designed with a unique wire blending ball which acts just like a whisk or blender in shaker bottle to enable froth creation and blending for smooth lump free mixture
SaleBestseller No. 5
Asitis Nutrition AS-IT-IS Shaker Bottle, 400ml, Black
718 Reviews
Asitis Nutrition AS-IT-IS Shaker Bottle, 400ml, Black
  • As-it-is shaker with mixer ball for lump-less drinks and 30g scoop for worry-less quantity
  • Add your favourite pre-workout, protein supplement or meal powders
  • Holds up to 470 ml liquid with clear markings. Secure lock cap and screw tight lid ensures zero leakage
SaleBestseller No. 6
Fitkit FT1194-02 Smart Shaker Bottle with Wire Blending Ball, 600ml (Grey/Blue)
  • Durable quality, bpa free: Fitkit smart bottle shaker is made from high quality food, well-designed to last, non-toxic, 100 percent bpa free for heath-safety
  • Easy clean and use: It is easy to fill and easy to clean, giving you long years of use, its convenient handle helps in easy carry, carry even with a finger
  • Our advanced design let you open the lid easily, you can open and drink with one hand and stay hydrated while performing other actions
SaleBestseller No. 7
BSPA Plastic Life is A Sport Shaker Bottle/Protein Shaker/Sipper Bottle/Gym and Water Bottle, 500ml (Pack of 1)
159 Reviews
BSPA Plastic Life is A Sport Shaker Bottle/Protein Shaker/Sipper Bottle/Gym and Water Bottle, 500ml (Pack of 1)
  • As a sports person, you would definitely require protein drinks or water at the least while playing your sport. Use the Shaker to carry water or your protein drink to the field.It is a perfect utility item...
SaleBestseller No. 8
V A International Cyclone Protein Shaker Bottle for Gym with 2 Detachable Compartments for Unisex, 500 ml (Black)
7 Reviews
V A International Cyclone Protein Shaker Bottle for Gym with 2 Detachable Compartments for Unisex, 500 ml (Black)
  • Blender ball whisk mixer with their oscillating and swing movements prepare smooth and uniform lumps free protein supplements healthy smoothies or shakes
  • All in one styles gym shaker bottles with extra storage two detachable compartments for dry protein workout supplements storage & add on vitamin pills or capsules tray.
  • Easy to maintain proper nutrition and hydration on-the-go, this bottle is great to use for your healthy nutrition drink.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Fitkit FT1356-03 Prime Shaker Bottle with Wire Blending Ball, 600ml (Blue/Black)
207 Reviews
Fitkit FT1356-03 Prime Shaker Bottle with Wire Blending Ball, 600ml (Blue/Black)
  • Advanced anti leak technology, scientifically designed strainer and ball that helps eliminating powder lumps bpa free, 100 percent leak proof and highly durable
  • Scientifically designed power mixer ball: Experience the scientifically designed power mixer ball which helps you eliminating powdered lumps completely
  • Durable quality, bpa free, no leaking: It's a leak-free shaker made from high quality food grade, non-toxic and 100 percent bpa free for your health safety
SaleBestseller No. 10
Fyugo Sports Gallon Plastic Water Bottle 1.5L with Mixer Ball and Strainer | BPA Free (Transparent Black)
26 Reviews
Fyugo Sports Gallon Plastic Water Bottle 1.5L with Mixer Ball and Strainer | BPA Free (Transparent Black)
  • BPA-free, leak proof, unbreakable, food grade safe
  • USES : dishwasher safe, Water, Sports Drinks, Gym, Indoor and Outdoor Sports
  • Mix ball for lump-free shake

Best Protein Shaker Bottles Reviews

What is an ideal gym shaker? First, it should be sized perfectly. You can’t easily handle a shaker that is too large or too small. Preferably, a 500ml shaker is a great pick because that gives you the comfort to shake the protein well and carry it hassle-free to your gym. Further, make sure your bottle has multiple compartments in order to store protein powder, tablets, other food supplements, or snacks. So you don’t need to carry extra pouches to take the stuffs to the gym for mixing.

A shaker further needs required blenders to properly mix the powder with liquid. Certainly, it is not healthy to drink a shake with clumps. Typically, a protein shaker comes with at least two type of blenders like a whisker, metal disc, ball or mesh. Make sure the shaker you buy has sufficient blenders to agitate the powder perfectly. Anyway, below comes our list of the best gym shaker bottles in India. Hope you can find your favorite model to shake your supplements well and stay more muscular and powerful.

These are the broad criteria for choosing a protein shake bottle. Based on these, we have shortlisted these 10 bottles. Scroll down and pick your ideal Protein Shake Bottle now.

iShake 020 Shaker Bottle

iShake 020 Shaker Bottle

buy on amazon

iShake is a top Indian brand that sells a variety of protein shakers. This 020 shake bottle is one of leading gym shaker bottles in India with good customer reviews and rating. It is a stylish 500-ml BPA-free plastic bottle that is highly durable and 100% leak-proof. So you can take it into gym or outdoor sports events with no worry at all. Hundreds of customers have reviewed the product good on all major retailer sites in India.

Great part with iShake 020 shaker is that it comes in several color variants. Use the link above to see all color options of the shaker. Further, it has a bottom compartment to store your protein supplement and a specially crafted strainer to smoothly mix your powder with liquid. Above all, the included hook lets you easily suspend the shaker bottle on your backpack or bicycle while you are on the move.

iShake Augusta Protein Shaker

iShake Augusta Protein Shaker

buy on amazonThis protein shaker bottle from iShake comes with a ball includes a storage system with a section for liquids. It is scientifically designed with a strainer eliminating powder lumps. It’s BPA free and is highly durable. It is available in multiple colors and is ideal for mixing protein drinks at home or outside sports.

Why We Recommend It

  1. Scientifically Designed Strainer Eliminating Powder Lumps. BPA Free, Highly Durable.
    5X3 Inches, 700 ml,1Pc.
  2. BPA Free, 100 percent leak-proof, Highly Durable.
  3. Available in variant colors.
  4. Recommended For Mixing Protein Drinks At Gyms Or For Energy Drinks For Outdoor Sports.

Myshake 16009 Smart Protein Plastic Shaker Bottle

Myshake 16009 Smart Protein Plastic Shaker Bottle

buy on amazon

Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle 500ML

Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle 500ML

buy on amazon

Fed up with unmixed lumps of powder in your protein shakes? Rest assured that this Strauss Spider shaker is a cool solution for perfectly mixing your protein shake or smoothies. Sure, you can focus on your workouts or games with no worry about the mixing of your supplements. It is a high quality 500-ml shaker with a patented fix ball wire that quickly and effectively mixes up your protein shakes inside.

Amazingly, it is a revolutionary protein shaker with a host of brilliant features. See, As you see in the pic, it is up with two compartments to store protein powder, snacks, fruits, or vitamin tablets. The bottom compartment is capable to hold 70 grams of powder. Above all, the shaker is microwave and freezer-safe at the same time.

That is, you can instantly heat up your soup in oven and chill your drinks in freezer without moving content to other bowls. Well, you get the shaker in multiple colors. Check out the link above to see all the variants.

My 60 Minutes Gym Shaker Bottle

My 60 Minutes Gym Shaker Bottle

buy on amazon

Here comes another wonderful shaker bottle from My 60 Minutes Group. It is a team of innovative engineers and athletes who want to revolutionize the market of shaker bottles in the country. Of course, it is one cool product of My 60 Minutes team as well as one of the best gym shaker bottles in India. Specs wise, it is again a 500-ml protein shaker with multiple compartments for storing your powder or other food supplements.

According to customers, it is a well-built protein shaker. Made of good quality plastic, it is indeed perfect for mixing your nutritional and supplementary drinks. The included spring whisker ensures better mixing of the powder with no lumps. Further, you have it with two compartments that will help you carry supplements anywhere you go. It comes in different colors and customer feedback is not bad, of course.

What Is A Protein Shaker Bottle?

A protein shaker bottle is basically a container designed to mix protein shakes, supplements or other supplement drinks easily. Modern innovations include a wire whisk ball which works to cut through the protein powder and other ingredients in order to give you a smooth drink. Other brands use a stationery whisking device which is said to work just as well. The whole idea is to mix powders and other thicker ingredients with liquid.

Read More >>  Top 10 Best Protein Powder In India

An increasing number of brands are looking to transform the humble shaker bottle into an all-in-one training nutrition container. This means adding extra compartments to the bottle which enable you to include more supplements, powders or snacks. You can also use the extra space to store keys or money! There are even pill organizers included with some shaker cups so you can neatly divide your supplements for the day.

Finally, many shaker bottles are capable of mixing thick ingredients so you can use them to make a healthy omelet, protein desserts or pancakes. This versatility is greatly appreciated by fitness lovers who can plan their nutritional needs in advance.

Why Do I Need A Shaker Cup?

Ordinarily, the best way to create a smooth, great tasting protein shake would be to use your blender. However, this involves plugging it in to a power socket and its size means you can’t bring it with you to the gym.

With most shaker cups, it’s possible to store your protein powder and liquid in separate locations so you can mix up a fresh drink at the end of a training session. Alternatively, you can use the shaker cup to store a pre-workout beverage.

If you are a genuine fitness enthusiast, you can find a shaker bottle capable of storing pre workout and post workout drinks, supplement pills and snacks. Instead of having to bring several containers or plastic bags for your snacks, you can put everything into one convenient container.

Types of shaker bottle :

There are various kinds of best shaker bottles of different brands that are available in the market.

Plain bottles: Plain bottles are usually made up of plastic or aluminum. These types of bottles are provided with a separate opening for sipping. In addition, the bottles have measurements that are marked on the exterior. Plain bottles have a specially designed vacuum seal to prevent leakage. In addition, most of the plain shaker bottles come with a flexible flip cap. So go through the blog completely and select the best shaker bottles.

Bottles with mesh screen: These types of bottles are provided with a mesh screen to facilitate mixing. The mesh screen that is present inside the bottle helps to dissolve as well as mixe the protein powder or liquid completely when you shake it. In addition, the mesh also provides lump free smooth shake.

Bottles with ball whisk: In these type of bottles, a wire ball is present at the bottom of the bottle. These ball whisks are scientifically designed for lump free smooth shake. In addition, the ball whisk at the bottom assists in dissolving the protein powder as well as other supplements that are present in the bottle. So check out the best shaker bottles along with pros and cons that are listed below.

Bottle with container: These type of bottles have an extra container to keep the dry contents like protein or tablets securely with the bottle. Some of the bottles feature twist n’ lock container which is attached to the bottom of the bottle.  A shaker bottle may contain one or two containers apart from the main bottle compartment.

What makes an ideal Protein Shaker Bottle?

You must be thinking why you should think so much before buying a bottle. Well, if it would have been just an ordinary water bottle, we would have given you all the liberty but this is a Protein Shaker Bottle.  There are a few things that you should keep in mind before picking your gym buddy.

  • Bottle size: Your Protein Shaker should not be too small or too large. Pick up a bottle that suits your requirement. The most commonly available size is 500 ml which makes the shaker easy to hold, shake and even carry around. With a 500 ml size, it is less likely that you will have any leftover.
  • Material: Now, 95% of the protein shakers are made up of plastic as it gives the much-required transparency, light weightiness and cost effectiveness to the entire product. Having said that, the biggest drawback with plastic is BPA – Bisphenol A which is used in plastics to make it BPA acts like a mild estrogen and thus, is capable of showing hormonal effects within the body. It is, therefore, advisable to choose a material that uses BPA-free plastic. You have metal shakers as well, but they would obviously be comparatively heavier and costlier.
  • Blenders: The main purpose of a Protein Shake Bottle is to ensure that it blends together the supplement powder with the liquid. There should not be any clumps in the drink. Hence, while buying a shaker ensure it has a mechanism to ensure efficient mixing. Go for a design that includes whiskers, metal discs or balls or any other object to promote mixing.
  • Compartments: This is an optional but a very desirable feature. Having compartment in the bottle allows you to carry multiple supplements and tablets together in the same bottle. This lessens your load of carrying different pouches or boxes for each requirement.
  • Price: Last but not the least, pricing plays a very important role while buying anything. In most cases, Protein Shake Bottles coming from renowned brands are often very expensive which is often taken a symbol of their “superior quality”. However, being in India, you definitely get a lot of products with similar features and most of them are pretty economical as compared to global brands.

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