Top 10 Best Water Heaters in India

Best Water Heaters: What about a hot water bath after a tough day at work? We suppose nobody would say NO! But getting instantaneous hot water is what everybody desires for. There are plenty of water heaters on the market and every single one of them offer different features and specifications. So, choosing an appropriate water heater from the market, which would conform to your requirements and budget at the same time might be tough both in the offline and online market.

Therefore, today we have lined up the Best Geyser Water Heaters on the market that would help you enjoy the finest bathing experience in the comfort of your home. On our listing, we have listed every single kind of geyser water heaters so that we could cater to the requirements of every single user that visits our website with the intention of purchasing a quality water heater. In addition, we have also provided a Geyser Water Heater Buying Guide, which is going to help all our users to take a smarter decision as and when they hit the market to purchase a water heater.

So, with no more further ado, we should go straight to our collection of the Best Water Heaters and discuss their features and specifications so that you are able to know exactly what you are buying.

In the winter season, It is extremely challenging in taking those morning showers with the cold water.

Also, we feel sluggish to take a bath when the water is cold. Just install a Geyser or a water heater in your home and enjoy your bath.

I am listing the List of Top Geysers based on Technical specifications, Capacity, Power consumption, Design and Compactness of the water heater, Quality of the components, Price, Warranty, User Reviews and Value for money

List of Top 10 Best Water Heaters in India

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Best Water Heaters in india – Reviews

The Best water heaters that we have listed in our review are all amazing products and have the capability to offer the desired amount of hot water within very less time. Additionally, these units have been ranked among the best water heaters that are available in the market as of now. The designing of these water heaters is such that it can suit any sort of bathroom setting and make it look even better and superior that it was before.

Bajaj 15 L Storage Water Geyser Reviews

Bajaj 15 L Storage Water Geyser
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Bajaj products are 5 Star Rated high quality choice and Bajaj makes sure they make products which saves electricity cost and conserve energy. And this water heater from bajaj is another one which comes with energy saving features, plastic outer body which makes sure that there is no rust or corrosion and the inner tank with a glassline makes this product durable. Comes with a temperature indicating Dial to know when the water is heated.

Crompton Arno Power ASWH1515 15-Litre 2000-Watt Reviews

Crompton Arno Power ASWH1515 15-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater
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Crompton Water heater comes with energy savings features which needs 46 percent less energy consumption. The nickel coated copper heating element makes sure to minimize scale formation which then extends the life of the element. This water heater is made up of 4 layers of safety and the outer body is of high grade engineering plastic which stays rust free.

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

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This water heater comes with double coated glass linked tank for maximised protection against corrosion and rust. Enjoy a soft and a comforting bath to its true sense with this water heater as it makes sure the water does not turn hard. This water heater works best for the Indian weather and water conditions. Buy this water heater with a 7 year warranty for the inner tank and 4 years on glass coated heating element on Amazon.

American Micronic Imported Water Heater

American Micronic Imported Water Heater
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This water heater is available in 15 Litre and 25 liter Storage options and American Micronic claim that this is the only water heater in India with Energy Saving three power modes (800W/1200W/2000W) and better than BEE 5 Star and IS 2082:1993 & IS 302-2-21 standards.

The inner steel tank (Titanium enamel glass lined tank) of the Amercian Micronic water heater is 2mm thick and handle 8 bar pressure. The Build Quality of this water heater is good and high-quality corrosion resistant metal is used for construction. This water heater comes with 2 Year Replacement Warranty.

Key Features

  • Titanium enamel glass lined tank
  • 15 Litres – 25 Litre Storage
  • 8 bars pressure
  • Magnesium Anode for Corrosion Protection
  • IPX4

Havells Monza EC Storage Water Heater

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Havells Monza Geyser is available in 10, 15 and 25 liter Storage options. If you are not concerned about Budget, Havells Adonia and Adonia Digital are also great options and these models have all the features you expect a top quality water heater to have.

Coming to the Specification, the Havells Monza comes with Feroglass technology that prevents the corrosion of the water tank. This water heater comes with an Adjustable Knob for temperature setting from 25 C to 75 C.

The Havells Monza Geyser comes with an 8-bar pressure rating to ensure that the water heater is suitable even for the high-rise apartments. Havells Monza comes with 5 Years warranty on the inner container and 2 years on the product.

Key Features

  • Feroglas technology
  • Incoloy heating element
  • Adjustable knob
  • Capacity: 10, 15 and 25 liters
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker
  • Heavy duty anode rod

Maharaja Whiteline Clemio25 25-Litre Water Heater (White and Blue)

Maharaja Whiteline Clemio25 25-Litre Water Heater
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Buy these durable and long lasting water heaters from Maharaja whiteline for the Indian conditions. This water heater comes with a unique tank coating which keeps it protected and hence last longer. Vertical mount, multi valve function and heat indicator are just some of the many features of this fabulous product. Maharaja Whiteline water heater comes with a 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years on the tank and 2 years on the element on Amazon.

Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P 15-Litre 2000 Watt Storage Water Heater

Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P 15-Litre 2000 Watt Storage Water Heater
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Kenstar Jacuzzi 2000 Watt 15-Litre Storage water heater is highly energy efficient and is rated 5 Stars by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The Construction of this water heater is elegant, and the Outer Body is made of rust-free ABS plastic. The Storage Tank is made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and can store up to 15 liters of Hot water.

The Kenstar Jacuzzi Geyser fulfill the highest safety standards and the Heating element used in this water heater is certified by ISI. Other safety features include thermal cut-out, safety valve and a siphon plug that ensures the water heating process is entirely safe.

Key Features

  • 15-liter capacity
  • BEE 5-star rating for high energy efficiency
  • Rust free body
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Warranty: 2-year comprehensive warranty

Morphy Richards Lavo EM 25-Litre Water Heater (White)

Morphy Richards Lavo EM 25-Litre Water Heater
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Morphy Richard’s water heater comes with heat selection feature through which you could control the water heating. Made up of long lasting outer body of rust proof material and inner body with high quality stainless steel which make sure you have a long lasting product. This is a fabulous product with a 25 litres of capacity and comes with a 2 year product warranty.

Orient WS1502M 15-Liter Storage Water Heater

Orient WS1502M 15-Liter Storage Water Heater
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It really doesn’t matter whether you’re getting a water heater for 3000, 5000 or 7000, functionality or the performance should be your first priority. And when it comes to smooth working and easy mounting options, no other model can compete with this Orient geyser brand.

This device is mounted vertically on walls so as to collect hot water at the outlet. You may doubt about horizontal placing, which is not reliable and damages very quickly due to improper setting. If you’re the one who wants to take hot shower bath, then grab it as early as possible because of the exceptional storage water tank capacity and overheat cut-off feature.

Using 15-liters of tank stores the hot water and use it when required. To protect against the overheating and other power or heat issues, it has come with a cut-off option which will shut down the device automatically. It quickly heats up the water in less time by utilizing 2000 watts of uninterrupted power supply. Further, the product manufacturer offers a warranty of 5-years on tank and 2-years on the product.

Racold Andris 15 Litres Storage Water Heater (White/Black)

Kent Electric Storage Water Heater Coral 10L
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A warm happy shower is a sure shot with this premium water heater from Racold. Compact design and premium quality product make this water heater a must buy. 15 litres of capacity will make sure you have a great start to your day.

These have become a mandatory home appliances which we just can’t think to live without. We hope that the above listed best storage water heaters proved to be impressive and solve your purpose of requirement to enjoy warm baths in the chilling winter season. Drop in your reviews and suggestions in the comments section below.

The Things to Consider when Purchasing a Geyser Or Water Heater

An ultimate Geyser or water heater must deliver hot water just after a few minutes for the best experience. Simultaneously, it must be pretty safe and shouldn’t consume a lot of electricity.

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The household or family size planning to utilize the geyser is also significant.

In contrast to what individuals contemplate, the water heater’s power capacity might not play a vital role as far as electricity consumption is concerned. There are several other aspects involved as well. We are going to discuss such aspects prior you choose the best water heater as per your preference and budget.

We are going to suggest that you go through the Best Water Heater Buying Guide given at the conclusion of the detailed review to obtain comprehensive familiarity regarding all the latest trends.

Below we have listed down the Top Geyser Water Heaters as per their capacity, technical specifications, water heater’s design & compactness, power consumption, price, component quality, user reviews, warranty, and value for money.

Best Water Heaters – Benefits

Several homeowners choose to buy a high productivity water heater for the hot water requirements. These certainly go a really long way to boost the energy competence at your home. The storage water heaters utilize a shielded storage tank. Demand water heaters warm up the water whenever required and don’t utilize any storage tank. The heat pump water heaters extract the heat from the air nearby the heater to warm up the water present inside the storage tank. These heaters might be powered by oil, electricity, natural gas, or propane.

Below we have discussed a few advantages of high-proficiency water heaters:

Diminished Energy Costs

The water heaters that are highly-effective, make use of lesser energy as compared to the customary water heaters. Several models utilize nearly 50% less energy. This is partial since they consume less time for heating the water. The tankless models heat up the water solely when demanded. This diminishes the energy consumption. The standard models require operating all the time so as to keep the water hot. High-quality water heaters are moreover insulated properly, which improves energy efficiency. The models that are solar-powered diminish the operational rates by nearly 70%. Even though the primary purchase price of high-efficiency water heating systems might be expensive, you might as well recover from energy savings sooner or later.

Low Maintenance

Different from the standard water heaters, high-efficiency units necessitate a lower maintenance. Advanced equipment is utilized to manufacture these water heaters. Companies follow to high standards that promise efficiency as far as supplying hot water is concerned. It moreover decreases the requirement for recurrent maintenance.


High-efficiency water heaters give rise to diminished air pollution both outdoors and indoors. These devices use lesser energy and generate negligible greenhouse discharges. High-efficiency water heaters are moreover manufactured having recyclable and replaceable components. This diminishes the expulsion of discarded material into the landfills. Every single one of these aspects turns the high-efficiency water heaters a keen option in case you have green worries.

Less Water Wastage

The tank-less high-efficiency water heaters make use of less water. This is since they don’t comprise of any water storage tanks but heat up the only when it is required. It diminished the consumption of water which provides you inferior water bills. In case you subsist in a zone where the charges for water are high, a high-quality heater might assist in decreasing the costs.


High-efficiency water heating systems are commonly compact and small. The slight space needs turn it easy as far as the installation of the unit is concerned. The tankless water heaters comprise of temperature regulator for desirable water heating. This mark of temperature is fixed by the company and is deliberated as safe. It eradicates the danger of scalding. Orthodox heaters might heat up the water to a really high temperature owing to the persistent heating. This upturns the threat of scalding.


The top-quality water heaters are really long-lasting as compared to the orthodox heaters. Several companies offer a warranty of nearly 20 to 25 years. The orthodox units commonly have a life expectancy of 7 – 15 years. Even though the elements cost higher whilst purchasing, the prolonged life turns them into a profitable investment.

Geyser Water Heaters – Buying Guide

Below we have discussed the factors that you need to keep in mind to facilitate a smarter decision whilst visiting the market to purchase a water heater:

Energy Efficiency

Natural gas is more reasonably priced in several regions of the nation as compared to electricity, and since it’s more effectual, the gas water heaters charge less to function. Amongst electric water heaters, the ones that utilize the heat pump volume provide substantial savings on energy — surely sufficient to balance their higher price within only some years. The tankless water heaters are one more energy efficient option, but they have a few disadvantages that might not turn them into an impeccable fit for every single situation.

Sufficient Hot Water Capacity

The accurate-sized water heater is going to offer your household with the hot water it requires, whilst charging less as far as the upfront cost and energy ingestion. For an instance, a 40-gallon hot water heater is going to dispense enough water to match the requirements of a usual family of 4 members. Whilst sizing a tank-less water heater, think through both the climate and your family’s requirements.

Satisfactory First Hour Rating (FHR)

The first-hour rating is centered on the hot water deposited inside the tank together with the quantity of received cold water that might be warmed up within an hour. If the rating is higher, the extra hot water you are going to obtain throughout topmost usage times in the comfort of your house. Online calculators might be able to assist you in determining what FHR you are going to require.

Low NOx

Natural gas fuels generate pollutants related to Nitrogen Oxide. The water heaters having a low NOx rating discharge fewer pollutants into the adjacent air. A few regions of India necessitate ultra-low NOx geyser water heaters, so India inhabitants must check the guidelines prior to buying any model.

High Recovery Rate

The recovery rate denotes how rapidly the water heater might be able to generate more hot water following the preliminary supply has lessened. A small recovery rate signifies you might require waiting for a while, or getting a cold shower as soon as you utilize the primary supply.

High Flow Rate

This number mentions the totality of hot water gallons per minute (GPM) the water heater might be able to generate. Noticeably, the elevated flow rates are valuable in several situations.

Decent Warranty

Select a geyser water heater having a minimum 6-year manufacturer’s warranty. A few warranties insure just the components and the tank, and a majority of companies that insure the labor bound it to solely 1 year. The Best Geyser Water Heaters might as well offers warranties ranging from 10 to 12 years.

The Best Geyser/Water Heater Brands in India





How to Choose the Geyser Size?

In case you require more hot water or you prefer enjoying longer baths using showers choose the Geyser that comprises a storage tank. If you are a bit confused in which type of geyser you should purchase and want to make a smarter decision, you should go through our detailed Gas Geyser vs. Electric Geyser Comparison to facilitate a well-informed decision.

The storage tank with a volume of 10-15L is necessary for a household with 4-6 members. The instant water heaters comprising a 3-liter tank is appropriate for a family of 2-3 members.

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Here is the comprehensive guide on Water Heater Size to catch the appropriate one that will match your requirements and budget.

Family SizeIntended UsageType of GeyserRequired Geyser Capacity
2-3 MembersBathing (Bucket)Instant6 Liters
2-3 MembersBathing (Bucket)Storage10 – 15 Liters
2-3 MembersBathing (Shower)Storage15 – 25 Liters
2-3 MembersWashing Dishes/UtensilsInstant1 – 3 Liters
4-8 MembersBathing (Bucket)Storage25 Liters
4-8 MembersBathing (Shower)Storage25 Liters
4-8 MembersWashing Dishes/UtensilsInstant1 – 3 Liters

Factors Describing Consumption of Electricity

The wattage or power capacity stated on the box of the water heater solely provides the customer with a clue of the electric power capacity that the geyser may consume. The primary factors that define the power consumption are namely:


The hot water capacity that you utilize is the main driving aspect of the consumption of electricity. The power consumption is directly related to the capacity of the water you are using.

The Temperature of the Input Water

Cold water is going to take more time to attain the thermostat temperature. Therefore, the water heater is going to consume extra electricity in regions like Delhi in comparison to Chennai. This is owing to the clear difference in the input water’s temperature.

Thermostat Temperature

Customarily, every single geyser comes with standard 60-degrees Celsius being the thermostat temperature. You might possess water heaters that comprise peripheral controls to alter this temperature.

Standing Loss

Many people have a misunderstanding that the water heaters don’t dissipate heat and the fact is they do. This is recognized as the standing loss, which is the heat vanished from the surface of the water. BEE offers a changed description of standing loss.

As per BEE, the standing loss is the power or electricity consumed by a geyser full of water linked to an electrical supply deprived of anybody opening any tap to draw water. Plenty relies on the material’s quality utilized in fabricating the water heater.

Requirements of Hot Water

To know about the hot water requirements for your daily usage are as follows:

Shower – 25L per person

Bucket Bath – 15L per person

Laundry – 10L per person

Bath Tub – 35L per person

Washing Dishes/Utensils – 5L per meal

The volume of water relies on the totality of people living in the house and using the geyser water heater.

Water Temperature for Bathing

This temperature isn’t similar to the thermostat value. The appropriate bathing temperature lies anywhere around the 35 – 37-degrees Celsius range. The thermostat temperature remains at about 60C. This involves that you require adding cold or normal water to your geyser water prior to bathing.

Calculating the Power Units Consumed by a Water Heater

This is the thing that people generally ask for! To calculate the units of electricity consumed by your water heater, you may use this modest formula that you used to have in your physics textbook.

Consumed Units = X Temperature Difference X Volume of Water X 0.0012

Therefore, in case your household makes use of 100L of water at 40-degrees Celsius with the temperature of input water being 20-degrees Celsius, you are going to consume 100 X 20 X 0.012 = 2.4 power units on daily basis.

The other aspects that regulate the power consumption are geyser size, standing loss, and the manner in which you utilize it. The larger water heaters possess a superior standing loss owing to the bigger surface area. Like the thumb rule, a 100L geyser is going to accompany a standing loss of above 1 unit every day while a 70L geyser is going to possess a figure of about 0.9 units on daily basis.

One method to get rid of this issue is to turn the geyser on just prior to using it and turning it off instantly after you have finished bathing and thereby save ample electricity.

What is the effect of power capacity on water heaters?

A geyser water heater comes with a direct relation with the duration for which the water is heated. A 4.5 kW water heater or geyser is going to heat the water quicker in comparison to the 2 KW heaters. It might be able to diminish the wastage of hot water. On the other hand, it also upsurges the whole load of the household thus growing the fixed charge section of the electricity bill.

Important Points to Remember

In case you subsist in any place having a cold climate, the water heater is going to require working more and additional power is going to be consumed. Any water heater installed in Northern India is going to consume additional electricity in comparison to a Geyser in Southern India.

The additional quantity of hot or warm water you are going to use, the electricity bill will subsequently be more. The Thermostat temperature of a majority of Geyser Water Heaters is going to be nearly 60-degrees Celsius.

Water Heaters are going to lose some amount of heat, and this is known as the standing loss. The geysers or water heaters waste a lot of electricity whilst there is idle hot water left inside its storage tank. You should always consider switching on the water heater prior to using it and should be turned off instantly after you take bath.

You should always remember that the water that comes with the high-temperature thermostat is enormously unsafe for the human skin and might give rise to severe burns. Therefore, ensure that you mix cold water into the hot water so as to lower the temperature of the water.

Water Heater for Areas with Hard Water Supply

In case your water source comprises extra salts, you require purchasing a Geyser that is equipped with a tank that is anti-corrosive in nature. You might as well get a water softener installed that transforms the supplied water into soft water, so there is going to be no harm to the heating component.

The best temperature for taking a bath is nearly 2-degrees above the normal temperature of the human body that is approximately 37-degrees Celsius.

What type of Water Heater is best?

In case your water heater comes covered with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty and it’s has been providing you with hot water for 15, it may be the time that to purchase a new unit for your home. The houses with soft water availability, which might be rougher on water heaters owing to its harsh effect on the anode section, a water heater might nose-dive inside the period of warranty.

In case you haven’t substituted your water heater for quite some years, you are going to discover more ranges—and extra energy-resourceful guidelines—so you must do the homework. You might have to devote more in the starting for a model that is going to help you save money in the future.

The process of water heating expanses to approximately 20% of the energy costs of any household. Since the outcome of new proficiency standards, the water heaters below 55 gallons are going to perceive a 4% boost in productivity, whilst the water heating units with 55 gallons or more might diminish the electricity bills by 25 – 50% relying on the type of technology they are equipped with.

Types of Water Heaters

In India, there are two kinds of water heaters – Electrical, that operates on electricity and LPG/Gas Geysers that operate on Liquefied Petroleum Gas. I will not be talking about Gas geysers in this post since various reports have found that gas geysers are harmful for health.

Electrical water heaters have further 3 types- Immersion Rod Heaters, Instant Heaters and Storage Heaters. Since I have already written a separate post about the best immersion rod heaters in India, this post will only talk about the water geysers i.e. best instant water heaters and best storage water heaters in India.

Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters are low-storage capacity water heating units that are available in 1 litre or 3 litres and can heat a small quantity of water instantly. They are also known as tankless water heaters/geysers.The typical power ratings for instant water heaters are 3000 Watts and 4500 Watts. Instant water heaters are suited for smaller families.

Advantages of Instant Water Heaters:

  1. They are very compact and are suitable for smaller bathrooms & kitchens where space is a constraint.
  2. They are significantly more energy-efficient as they use energy only when required.
  3. They provide hot water supply continuously.
  4. They have longer life span since there is no tank and they have easily replaceable parts.

Disadvantages of Instant Water Heaters:

  1. They require more power than storage water heaters.
  2. They come with higher installation charges.
  3. In areas where there is hard water, there has got to be a water softener installed so that the heater does not get ruined.

Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are the most common type of water heaters. The reason behind them being called storage water heaters is because of the storage tank installed inside the appliances. They are also known as tank-type water heaters.

Advantages of Storage Water Heaters:

  1. They can store hot water for a significant period of time even without electricity and thus allowing for usage as and when required.
  2. They require less power than instant water heaters.
  3. They are price at value-for-money prices.
  4. They are adaptable to different power circuits.

Disadvantages of Storage Water Heaters:

  1. Energy can be wasted in storage water heaters as water in the tank is always heated but not necessarily used.
  2. They are bulky in size and occupy large amount of space.
  3. Their tank need to be cleaned and have high cost of repair.

Best Water Heater Buying Guide

Here are a few tips and guidelines following which you might be able to purchase the Best Water Heater according to your budget, preferences, and requirements:


A majority of water heaters are retailed based on the capacity of water they can hold. A household of 4 people, for an example, may take numerous showers, operate the dishwasher, and wash down some laundry on an average, tallying around 100 gallons water or even more. But that might not signify they require having a water heater with a 100-gallon storage tank.

It’s further significant to reflect on the first-hour rating for the water heaters having storage tank together with the gallons-per-minute rating for the ones using the tankless water heaters as that is what voices the quantity of hot water the heater might supply during a specific period of time, which is the first hour.

Following that, relying on how rapidly you’re utilizing hot water, it might either turn out to be less hot or in fact cool. It is then going to consume some time to get back to its overall FHR. An expert might assist you to estimate the capacity you are going to require.

On the other hand, the on-demand water heater will not “hold” any amount of water until or unless it comprises of a secondary tank, it comes with a rating of the amount of hot water it might be able to supply within a specific period, recognized as GPM. You obtain nonstop hot water except you draw it through several sources at the same time, for instance, a dishwasher or a shower. In case you often perform this, you should consider buying 2 units.

You should not assume that the new water heater is going to fit where the old water heater used to be. On account of better insulation and other productivity enhancements, a few newer units might be broader and/or larger as compared to the older models.

Water Heaters – Types

According to the quantity of hot water you utilize and the manner in which you’re getting the water heated (oil, gas, electricity), there are numerous options available. A few kinds claim to diminish energy costs by nearly half as compared to the storage units. However, their additional primary costs signify its payback is going to take some time.

Storage Tank Water Heater

These types of water heaters are the majorly common type. Since the name proposes, these comprise the insulated tank inside which the water gets heated & stored unto it is required and then arises from the pipe above the water heater.

There is moreover a pressure and temperature relieving valve, which gets opened in case either one surpasses a fixed level. The natural gas models typically utilize lesser energy in comparison and charge less or even half the price when compared with the electric water heaters, even though you must bear in mind that the gas models cost extra when you purchase them.

Tankless Water Heater

Instead of storing the hot water, the tankless water heaters make use of the heating coils in order to make the water hot whenever you desire. These units are even more proficient in comparison to a storage tank, but deliver just a restricted stream of hot water every minute—nearly 3.5 gallon.

Tankless water heaters might be finest for the people who normally aren’t using water for beyond one use at once—using the dishwasher or shower at the same time. Tankless models might be the best ones for the households using natural gas to make the water hot; the electric water heaters might necessitate a costly upgrading of the household’s electrical volume.

Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heater

The heat pump water heaters get the required heat from the air and handover to water for heating. They utilize nearly 60% lesser energy in comparison to those electric water heaters. Whilst they have a price tag higher than the electric-only units, the installation is alike and profit time is small. However, they might not function properly in really cold regions and require being placed in the space that remains in the range of 40 to 90 degrees.

Since that heat pump has been fixed to the top, the hybrid water heater requires nearly 7-feet allowance from the flooring to the ceiling. You are further going to require nearly 1,000 cubic feet of non-cooled space to capture sufficient heat out of the air in addition to an adjacent drain to release the condensate.

Solar Water Heater

In this kind of water heater, the roof-attached cell engages the heat of the sun and hand it over to the fluid similar to antifreeze in the closed-loop arrangement that goes to the water tank. The best ones provide amazing savings at the time of summer, turning them striking for the sunny and warm areas. However, the savings are going to writhe on the cloudy and cold days. A majority of models work a backup arrangement that kicks in whilst it is required.

Condensing Water Heater

This type of water heaters is a preference in case you heat the water using gas and require a unit having a volume of above 55 gallons. These water heaters come with a tank such as the orthodox water heater but catch the exhaust gases that are normally going to move out the vent, which might waste energy. These gases are going to be blown out from a coil provided at the unit’s base, where inward cold water might be able to absorb a majority of the heat.

What are the Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Best Water Heaters?


A warranty cover for a majority of Best water heaters characteristically goes around 3 – 12 years. Whilst you are usually going to pay slightly more for those long-warranty units, we’ve discovered that they incline to have superior elements or burners that might accelerate the water heating and denser lining for diminished heat loss. Select any water heater offering the longest warranty cover accessible.

Anti-Scale Devices

A few best water heaters brands promote features that are thought to diminish the accumulation of mineral scale below the tank by whirling the water. Whilst scale might curtail the lifetime of the heating component, you don‘t require investing in the fancy features to obtain a long-lived unit. You should search for a model having a 12-year manufacturer warranty, which characteristically comprises a lengthier or denser element.

Plastic vs. Brass Drain Valves

The valves are incorporated close to the water heater’s base for a garden pipe for heater draining. You should opt to get the brass drain valves, which are further long-lasting as compared to plastic.

Digital Displays

These are going to assist you in monitoring the heating levels and modify the operation. A few heat-pump hybrids/ electric water heaters allow you to fix up the vacation mode that makes use of only the heat pump for additional productivity whilst you aren’t available. The display or screen provided on the solar water heaters frequently indicate the collector and tank temperatures, together with the pressure values and additional information.

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