10 Best Portable Fridges: 2022 Reviews

A portable refrigerator is compact and lightweight. It fits small items, and some also have a freezer. You can get a model that plugs into any outlet, including a 12-volt. Purchasing the right 12v refrigerator is one of the most important decisions you can make for your camper van. RV and boat specific refrigerators are going to be the best choice for van life because they are well constructed and insulated to withstand the harsh environment of a mobile lifestyle.

Best Camping Refrigerator 2022 – Keep Your Food Fresh– Top Picks

What Makes the Best Fridge for Camping? 

People always want equipment that is lightweight and easy to move when camping. A portable refrigerator is the best choice it can give you flexibility while traveling. 

If you’re tent camping or have a camper van without a fridge, a portable refrigerator is an obvious choice for camping with perishable food items. They also eliminate the need for constantly replenishing ice in a cooler.

But if your RV already has one, a mobile version still can serve a purpose. You can take it on day trips, for example. If you have a portable 12V refrigerator, you can plug it into your vehicle no matter where you are. Keeping your eating-out budget down is easy with this option.

Portable refrigerators often also double as freezers. So you can choose to extend your RV fridge capacity or use it as an extra freezer.

Best 12v Refrigerator

BLACK+DECKER BDC24L 24 Litre Thermoelectric Pre-Cool Portable Automotive Car Beverage Cooler & Warmer, Used To Store Beverages, 1 Year Warranty, ORANGE & BLACK
  • Runs on 12V DC and 22V AC Power, can be used both in your vehicle and home
  • Hot/Cold, On/Off switch, red/green LED indicator; Cooling Capacity:15℃-18℃, Warming Capacity:5℃-6℃
  • The refrigerator has a 24 Litre large tank capacity which provides optimum storage space
  • The portable appliance has a wide handle bar which enables the user to carry it easily.
  • The rugged refrigerator has three zippered pockets for added convenience.

No products found.

Blackcat Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer Car Fridge for Cars, SUVs (Multicolour, 18 L, 0-65 Degree C, AT-18)
  • Serves dual purpose of cooling as well as warming food and beverages.
  • Can cool to 20C below car’s cabin temperature (up to +5˚C) and heat up to +65˚C.
  • Easy-to-use, set up and remove & ideal for road trips.

No products found.

Maa Gaytri Sarees 2 in 1 Multi-Function Car Mini Portable Travelling Fridge
  • Portable Fridge
  • Useful in Traveling
  • Mini Fridge
  • Can Heat and Cool

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Guide To Pick The Best Camping Refrigerator

Planning to buy the best camping refrigerator go through our article it will help you to choose the best camping refrigerator and make sure it serves you all purposes you want.


Get an ideal size of the refrigerator according to the time you are going to spend camping and the size of your vehicle where you will carry the refrigerator. Also check the for the availability of space in your car or truck you are using for transport and then buy the refrigerator according to your need, such as 25 litres and under can manage 27 cans, 35 litres size can hold 47 cans etc.

Storage Space

Check for the internal space of the refrigerator before buying it finally. The space available inside the refrigerator depicts how much food, bottles and other things you can store in it.

Keep in mind to focus on how many people you are and how long you have to stay. In this way, you will know how much space you need in your refrigerator.


There are two types of refrigerators available — two-way portable fridges and three-way portable fridges. The two-way portable fridge operates on 12 volts and leading electricity, where the three-way portable refrigerators work either on gas or electrical supply.

before buying portable fridges always keep in mind what source is available for you and which one is convenient for you. Getting the refrigerator according to the source of energy.

Battery Protection

Always go for the selection of battery protected refrigerators. In the market there are refrigerators available that are designed to protect the battery by cutting off the supply at high voltages. There are variable levels; some fridges are trained to cut off the supply at 9.5 volts or more.Similarly, there are other options available too. Battery protected refrigerators significantly minimise the harm these refrigerators can do to the battery. 


Keep in mind that the refrigerator will have to survive various environmental conditions, hot weather and sometimes extreme conditions. Make sure to get a product that is reliable and strongly constructed to make it survive any harsh surroundings.

Tips For Using A Camping Fridge

  1. Switch food from the freezer into the fridge area the night before to thaw your food.
  2. Do not waste your power. Use the thickest power cable possible to ensure minimal electrical resistance and maximum voltage supply.
  3. Be smart with your packing and choose the food you’re going to eat first when you stack it.
  4. Avoid car battery to power camping fridge — this will drain your car battery before it’s too late.
  5. Temperatures are important and make sure you adjust them to maximise power usage. When driving, set it to the coldest degree and lower it as you arrive at your destination.
  6. Keep your cooler away from the sun
  7. Always carry spare fuses for your camping fridge / freezer.
  8. Drinks in cans cool faster than those in bottles.
  9. Keep your camping fridge as full as possible. An empty fridge is less power-efficient.
  10. Allow hot food to cool before putting them in the fridge to avoid your fridge overworking

How long does a portable fridge last?

It has been noticed that most portable fridges last somewhere between 18 to 20 years. The availability of alternative power sources such as batteries and solar panels make them last longer.

Furthermore, if the product is used carefully and maintained properly, this ultimately increases its longevity.


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