Top 10 Best Steam Irons in India – Review and Comparison

Irons are one of the few home appliances things which are required by most of the peoples in their everyday life. Because Nobody likes to wear messy clothes in their office, home, etc. So, In this post, I will provide you a complete guide from “what is steam iron?” To “how to choose the best steam Iron?” & I have also listed best Steam Irons which are available to buy online in India.

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If you find ironing a chore, make like a bad workman and blame your tools, because the latest steam irons really do make light work of the job. Powerful steam, smooth-gliding soleplates, intelligent settings and more combine to make the latest models far more effective than their predecessors. We’ve tested a wide range of mid-priced and premium steam irons to see which performed best pressing a range of everyday clothes.

Top Best Steam Irons in 2022 to Buy Online

It is an essential chore in every household. Most of us spend almost 3 hours per week on ironing. To make the process of ironing a breeze, you must have the best iron box. In this buying guide, I will tell you about what is steam iron box, how to select the best steam iron box in India and which are the best steam irons you can buy in India.

As with so many small appliances, the main motto of buying another Iron is just not about its cost but about its service. We’ve tried steam press irons and found that the best model beat the stylish but normal one on the basis of its service. On the contrary, you have to find out which type of iron will suit your need. Steam generator irons are well-meant to satisfy your need. So if you are looking for you new best steam iron for clothes then you are at right place. We have tested many Steam Irons and on the same basis, we are sharing best models with you.

Steam Irons differs from regular Irons as they also used steam to eliminates wrinkles from clothes. Steam is evaporated water from the heat of the element. It helps in quickly remove stubborn creases without overheating clothes or affecting quality.

How to Choose Best Steam Iron

Here I have listed some features which you can look into your iron. These are must have features, and you should have a look at these feature before buying any Iron.

  • Temperature & Steam Controls – Before selecting any steam Iron make sure it has different temp controls for the different mood of ironing. It should also have different steam settings because you don’t always have the same type of cloth.
  • Soleplate – It is the base plate made of metal which comes directly in contact with clothes. There are two types of soleplates available stainless steel & ceramic Irons. Ceramic plates are suitable for even heat distribution. But they don’t have more dissimilarities. The main advantage to ceramic plates is their tendency to eliminate static even at high temperatures.
  • Wattage – More wattage directly represents more power and ability to attain high temperature for Ironing quickly.

What is Steam Iron?

Steam Iron is different from a dry iron in the sense that it applies steam to clothes while ironing. The steam is superheated water which eliminates wrinkles easily from clothes unlike dry iron. The steam iron has a holding tank where distilled water is poured and heating elements convert the water into usable steam. The steam comes out through holes from the soleplate in the bottom. The steam helps in the sense that it moistens and loosens out individual fibres and making it easy for the iron’s pressing action to smooth out wrinkles.

Top 10 Best Steam Iron In India For Home Reviews

Here we will help you to choose best steam iron. Checkout iron price in India now.

#1 Oster 4420 2000-Watt Steam Iron (White/Black/Red)


  1. Oster 4420 steam iron machine incorporates aluminum composite sole plate with the nonstick capacity for simple ironing. The multi-temperature mode helps you to set the different temperature for different sort of garments and the temperature pointer shows whether the iron box is prepared to be utilized.
  2. The idea about the Oster 4420 steam iron is ergonomic for ironing solaces.The Oster 4420 Steam iron components a 360-degree swivel rope for simple moving. This swivel string decreases the weight on your palm and wrist amid delayed ironing sessions.
  3. The steady heel lay on the Oster 4420 steam iron aides in the capacity of the iron amid and after utilize. The variable temperature control on the Oster 4420 steam iron permits you to set variable temperatures for different sort of textures.
  4. High temperatures are appropriate for thick textures and low temperatures for fragile materials.The variable temperature control on the Oster 4420 steam iron permits you to set variable temperatures for different sort of textures. High temperatures are appropriate for thick textures and low temperatures for fragile materials.


  • Non-stick sole plate
  • Variable temperature control
  • Steam select function and spray mist button
  • Shot of steam button, Vertical shot of steam


  • Cord length is the only downside, a 1.8m
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#2 Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray Review

Philips GC1905


  1. There’s a great deal more to life than family tasks, so you need to complete them as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.
  2. With its super quick filling and purging opening, pointed tip, and smooth floating soleplate, this quality iron is basically worked for speed.
  3. The splash work delivers a fine fog that equally soaks the texture, making it less demanding to iron out wrinkles. Simple and super quick exhausting of the water tank on account of the enormous purging gap, and the sideways opening the door.


  • Easy and super fast filling of the water tank
  • Easy and super fast emptying of the water tank
  • A fine spray evenly moistens the fabric
  • Continuous steam output up to 13 g/min
  • Aluminum sole plate for easy gliding on all fabrics


  • It feels Bit Bulky, when filled with Water.

#3 Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Super


  1. This Morphy Richards steam iron machine satisfies its name – coasting easily over the piece of clothing texture, shooting steam through 46 steam gaps while effectively decreasing ironing time.
  2. It is light in weight and huge on execution. It handles wrinkles by heaving out 11g/min of steam while subduing the exceptionally obstinate ones with a huge, 150g turbo shot.
  3. Moreover, it can likewise straighten texture with a fine water splash. Giving your pieces of clothing a flawless, fresh look. It’s clear view, expansive 350 ml water tank takes into consideration simple refilling even while the iron is on.
  4. Likewise, you can likewise steam up and refresh your suits, coats, and drapes as they hang in a vertical position without dismounting them.


  • Extra large water tank of 350ml
  • Variable steam control
  • 11gm of continuous steam
  • Powerful steam Shots – 150gm/min


  • Water drip a bit once refill and we need to wait till light goes off.

#4 Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron Review

Bajaj Majesty MX


  1. The Bajaj MX3 Steam Iron accompanies a non-stick covering which encourages its simple skimming on a wide range of texture.
  2. This non-stick covering guarantees that the texture doesn’t stick and get torn because of inordinate warmth. Thus, this steam iron runs easily on the texture and checks coincidentally consumes. This steam iron houses 23 steam vents on the soleplate.
  3. These steam vents equitably convey the steam in solid blasts and levels out difficult wrinkles. Thus, giving you prompt squeezed quality, leaving your garments looking fresh and new in a fraction of the time.
  4. The Bajaj MX3 Steam Iron houses an effective water splash framework; this capable water shower office levels out precarious wrinkles from creases and button areas.


  • Non-stick coated sole plate to ensure safety of clothes
  • Water spray for stubborn wrinkles
  • Steam output of 8.5 grams/minute for better ironing
  • Variable steam control


  • Only disadvantage is that without steam, Dry iron will not be very productive. So always use with steam.

#5 Philips GC1920 1440-Watt Nonstick Soleplate Steam Iron


  1. There’s a great deal more to life than family unit tasks, so you need to complete them as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.
  2. With its super quick filling and exhausting gap, pointed tip, and smooth-skimming soleplate, this quality iron is basically worked for speed.
  3. The shower work delivers a fine fog that uniformly saturates the texture, making it less demanding to iron out wrinkles. Simple and super quick filling of the water tank on account of the colossal filling gap, and the sideways opening the door of the Philips iron.
  4. Simple and super quick discharging of the water tank on account of the immense exhausting gap, and the sideways opening the door.


  • Golden American Heritage coating for easy gliding
  • A fine spray evenly moistens the fabric
  • Continuous steam up to 17 g/min for better crease removal
  • Easy and super fast emptying of the water tank
  • Easy and super fast filling of the water tank


  • It has a very small tank and always we need to worry about refilling the tank.

#6 Orpat OEI-607 1100-Watt Steam Iron Review

Orpat OEI-607


  1. The Orpat OEI 607 steam iron is an astounding home apparatus. You can utilize this iron to dispose of the most resolute wrinkles and overlay lines in your garments.
  2. It is sheltered, simple to utilize and very solid. This Orpat steam iron games a brilliant blue and white body and an exquisite outline. You can serenely clutch its handle and iron your garments.For ideal execution, it devours 1100W of energy and requires a working voltage of 230V.
  3. Also, its sole plate includes a non-stick covering that keeps garments from adhering to the iron or consuming. This Orpat 1100 watt steam iron is stacked with components to help simplify the difficult assignment of ironing garments.
  4. With its temperature control, you can iron types of textures, extending from light pieces of cotton to overwhelming silks. It’s supportive light marker illuminates you when the iron is warmed and prepared for utilize.


  • Steam on/off button
  • With water filling cover
  • Translucent water level window with indicator light
  • Safety cut out
  • Non-stick sole plate


  • If we use the steam option, lot of water getting poured on the clothes.

#7 Morphy Richards Glide 1250-Watt Steam Iron


  1. The Morphy Richards Glide has an additional vast, Teflon-covered non-stick sole plate for fast ironing. The iron coasts over whatever texture is put on the ironing board without adhering to it.
  2. The outline and the extent of the sole plate and the number and the position of the steam openings are likewise figures that impact how easily the iron moves.
  3. The warm breaker of this iron is a wellbeing feature. It prevents the iron from working at a specific temperature by turning off the electric circuit. This keeps the iron from overheating and getting harmed.
  4. A somewhat helpful component of the Morphy Richards Glide is thermostatic control. The upside of this element is that it permits you to pick a temperature setting that supplements the sort of texture that you wish to iron.It prevents the iron from working at a specific temperature by turning off the electric circuit.
  5. This keeps the iron from overheating and getting harmed. A somewhat helpful component of the Morphy Richards Glide is thermostatic control. The upside of this element is that it permits you to pick a temperature setting that supplements the sort of texture that you wish to iron.


  • Extra large water tank of 300ml
  • Variable steam control to suit all fabrics
  • 15gm of continuous steam
  • Powerful steam Shots – 100gm/min
  • Vertical ironing, non-stick coated soleplate for smooth ironing movement


  • Quality of product not good.

#8 Maharaja Whiteline Aquao 1300-Watt Steam iron Review

Maharaja Whiteline Aquao


  1. The non-stick covering of the soleplate guarantees that it doesn’t adhere to the fabric surface when you are ironing. As it floats on easily, this Maharaja Whiteline iron offers speedier outcomes.
  2. The fabulous complete of the plate makes it durable also.Regardless of whether you are ironing a general wear or an uncommon material, you don’t need to stress over any sort of harm. Keep your garments impeccably wrinkled for utilizing and say farewell to spots and harms.
  3. You can control the temperature of this Maharaja Whiteline Aquao Steam Iron in light of the texture that you wish to iron. Go for the higher or the lower setting according to your need.Overheating of the machine won’t happen as the created warmth will be quite recently directed by your material sort.
  4. In addition, the programmed on/off feature guarantees that the gadget close around itself when it achieves the set temperature. The LED marker will likewise tell you about the temperature.


  • Soleplate: Non stick
  • Continuous steam output
  • Fast and easy filling
  • Variable steam settings and vertical steam


  • But water leaks from bottom holes of ironing side

#9 Orpat OEI-687 CL DX Cordless Steam Iron


  1. The Orpat OEI-687 CL DX, a cordless steam iron, is a phenomenal mix of style, utility, and comfort. The iron expands 1200 W and keeps running on a power input supply of 230 V.
  2. Steam ironing is will expel adamant wrinkles from your garments, as well as from bed material, tablecloth, blinds and pad covers.
  3. Highlights like the steam splash and steam burst work, the sealed water tank, the wellbeing cut out, the Teflon covered sole plate and the base that can be pivoted 360 degrees, make it simple to accomplish a without wrinkle look.
  4. It is lightweight and accompanies a one-year guarantee.


  • Powerful burst of steam
  • Dry ironing, spraying and steam adjustable
  • Transparent water level window
  • Temprature adjustment with pilot lamp display
  • Teflon coating sole plate
  • 360 degree rotation of base


  • Heat is low when compared to other wired iron boxes.

#10 Philips EasySpeed GC1028 2000-Watt Steam Iron Review

Philips EasySpeed GC1028


  1. This EasySpeed iron accelerates your ironing on account of triple accuracy tip, even warmth appropriation over the soleplate and ceaseless stream.
  2. Control up to 2000 W empowers constant high steam yield. The iron’s 90 g steam support empowers you to effortlessly expel even the most hardheaded wrinkles.Persistent steam up to 25 g/m for good wrinkle expulsion.
  3. The soleplate of your Philips iron is covered with a unique non-stick layer for good floating execution on all textures. Calc clean slider to effortlessly expel scale out of your iron, This calc clean slider makes it simple to evacuate scale out of your iron.
  4. To keep up the execution of your Philips steam iron you ought to utilize this scale clean capacity once per month. The tip of this Philips iron is exact in 3 ways: it has a pointed tip, catches groove and a smooth outline of the nose.


  • Ceramic Coated Soleplate
  • Drip stop system
  • Steam boost up to 100 grams
  • Vertical steam
  • Triple precision tip


  • It is *not* ceramic sole plate, it is golden Heritage soleplate from Philips.

Irons: What We Tested, What We Found

Performance: High Wattage & Steam to the Rescue

If you find out an iron with a high wattage, you may all of a sudden end up doing less work with regards to ironing clothes. More power means more productive ironing, a higher steam capacity helps you to ironing number of clothes still saves your time as well. An iron with an expandable number of steam openings can likewise deliver a full steam bursts.

Ease of Use: Let Convenient & Easy Work for You

A good iron has a long cord, allowing you more freedom of movement as you iron, which is especially important if you are doing a sewing or stitching work. It should also have additional helpful features, such as a temperature alert to let you know when the iron is ready to use, and, for digital irons, an intuitive interface that is easy to figure out and adjust.

Safety: Don’t Get Burned

It can be anything but difficult to overlook suppose you have an iron connected to and if you get a telephone call or you are watching a TV while ironing your most loved T-shirt it helps to prevent from burning your skin as well as clothes. Ensure you consider irons with security elements, for example, programmed stop. Most irons are modified to shut off in around 8 to 15 minutes if left unused in the upright position, or in 30 sec.

How to Select the Best Steam Iron?

  1. Wattage : The higher the wattage of the iron, the quicker the ironing by the iron since higher wattage means high steam output. But a more hot iron demands more handling care.
  2. Soleplate : You should look for a iron whose soleplate is non-sticky, easy to clean and scratch resistant. Soleplate is important since it comes in direct contact with the clothes.
  3. Convenient Controls : The iron should have a temperature control for different types of fabrics and it should be easy to see and effective.
  4. Steam Control Button : The iron should have a button to control the flow of steam. It should have settings to turn the steam off, low or high. Also make sure that there are enough number of vents spread evenly on the soleplate to distribute the steam and making de-wrinkling your clothes easier.
  5. Cord Length : A longer cord length will give you more maneuverability, making ironing more comfortable and flexible.
  6. Comfortable Handle : The iron should have a comfortable handle since it acts as the interface between you and iron. It must be smooth to grip and not wide for you to hold comfortably.
  7. Water Tank Capacity : If you tend to do a lot of ironing at the same time, choose an iron with a super-size tank so you would not have to refill the iron in-between the ironing.
  8. Swivel Cord :  Higher the swivel cord degree, better the flexibility you get while ironing.

Steam Iron Buying Guide

What are the Features to look for in a Steam Iron?

Earlier, the features or specification that used to solely be present in the costlier irons are now present in the regular on average models as well. Therefore, you should consider keeping these features in mind whilst purchasing one from the market so as to take a wise and smart decision.

Automatic Shut-Down

A majority of the latest irons come equipped with this feature. It cuts off the power in case the iron is stationary for a specific period of time in minutes or seconds, whether placed flat or positioned up. A few irons might as well shut-down whilst laid on their side. Automatic shutdown helps in preventing fire, but the stored heat might still burn the fabric in case the iron is laid face down.

Surge Button or Steam Burst

This feature lets the unit deliver an additional gush of steam to pacify the persistent wrinkles, particularly convenient in case you frequently press heavy fabrics, linen, or denim.

Useful Controls

The listing of fabric settings must be fairly easy to perceive. A temperature regulator that’s evidently marked and effortlessly reachable, rather on the handle’s face, is an advantage. A majority of irons possess an indicator light to display that the iron is on.

Retractable Cord

This is going to keep that cord past the way whilst you’re pressing the clothes or whilst it is being stored, but ensure that the cord doesn’t thrash whilst it is pulled it.

Self-Cleaning Machinery

This feature helps in flushing those mineral deposits out of the vents, but might not each time be operational with persistent usage or using really hard water. You should attempt using the burst-of-steam setting to clean up the vents.

Adjustable Steam or Steam Gauge

Regulate the quantity of steam or shut-down the steam output, when required. The anti-drip setting, present in the majority of irons, is intended to avert leaks whilst you are steaming at minor settings.

Transparent Water Reservoir

A few reservoirs or water tanks are in the shape of a little, upright tube; other models possess a big chamber fitted below the handle. A see-through chamber turns it fairly easy to perceive the level of water. You should verify that the water tank has been marked with the level of water.

Vertical Steaming

Utilize the steam iron in the standing position to eliminate wrinkles from hanging clothes and refresh up the drapes.

Water Fill-Hole Cover

A sliding or hinged cover is provided on the water-filling hole is provided so as to avert any sort of leaking, but it might not work every single time.

What are the Methods to maintain your Steam Iron Appropriately?

Clean Up the Surface At Times

In case you want to get rid of the residue, you need to clean your steam iron’s soleplate according to the instructions of the manufacturer—and particularly if you utilize stiffener.

Diminish Leaking

Dripping might take place whilst you are pressing at a lower temperature setting. To avoid dribbles press subtle materials initially and prior to adding water. Subsequent to ironing the items necessitating steam, get the reservoir vacant. This is going to decrease the drips the subsequent time and the heat is going to vaporize residual moisture. It might as well diminish the mineral accumulation on that soleplate.

Utilize Tap Water

Approximately every single irons function well with tap water, except the water supplied to your house is really hard. The user manual is going to designate what’s good.

What are the Different Types of Steam Irons Available?

Irons might vary as per the type of soleplate material, weight, size, and features. Every single iron tested gets rid of the wrinkles, but some generated extra steam, turning the job much quicker, and possess a soleplate that slides further effortlessly. The soleplates that glide in the best way are often ceramic or stainless steel. Here are a few kinds of steam irons to consider whilst making up your mind to buy one:

Steam Ironing Systems

A steam iron permits you to put on a persistent flow of pressured steam. A steam ironing system is going to consume additional space as compared to an orthodox iron and might be positioned on a rack or chair at the finish of that ironing board. Such systems take much more time so as to get heated up and a few don’t spontaneously shut-down in case you left them unattended—the similar is true for a few irons. The steam making quickens the ironing and can effortlessly eliminate wrinkles from even the dry linen. These systems generally come without the spray utility, but that’s inapt in case the steam flow is sufficiently high.

Conventional Steam Irons

These solely permit small quantities of hot steam to be put on to the garment whilst ironing, turning the wrinkles to vanish more rapidly. The features that were only to be found on the costlier irons are now available in the recently priced irons as well. A majority of new irons might be utilized with the tap water, credits to anti-calcium faucets or resin screens.

Cordless Irons

This type of irons resembles the standard steam irons but might not possess the power cord. Whilst they are further steerable, the models that we got to test were generally mediocre.

Frequently Ask Question

What are the types of steam irons?

There are 2 types of steam irons for home use on the market: corded and cordless. Corded models are the most widespread and efficient type. Although you can use them near the power outlet (to which it’s connected) only, a lot of modern irons feature long cords so you are not limited in movements. Speaking of cordless models, they have a similar operation principle as electric kettles. Just like kettles, they need to be placed on special stations, then plugged in, and then, when the water in the tank is heated up, taken off for ironing. However, both corded and cordless steam irons feature pretty much the same capabilities and differ only in price.

Do steam irons leak?

Actually, they shouldn’t, but the possibility of leakage cannot be excluded totally. To prevent your iron from leaking, follow these two simple “don’ts” – don’t use steam function till the iron is heated up completely, and don’t fill up the water tank.

How do I maintain my iron?

If you want your appliance to last you a lifetime, proper maintenance can help you reach this aim. Here are some pieces of advice:

Empty water tank after every use.
Clean your iron from calc from time to time.
Take care of a soleplate – prevent it from accidental scratches and clean it if need be.

Should steam irons be used with water only? Or is it possible to use them as dry irons?

You can use these appliances as dry irons, they perform their functions even without water. Keep in mind, though, you should turn off the steam mode when doing the dryironing.

How do I store my iron?

Steam irons should be stored in rooms where they would not be exposed to dust. Even though you may not consider dust such a hazard, if it settles on the surface of the iron, it can easily clog the tank and result in steam option malfunction. Also, when storing the iron, make sure that you don’t wrap the cord around its body; this may be quite dangerous especially if the soleplate is still hot.

What water should I use in a steam iron?

The safest option for your iron is distilled water since it is free of hazardous hard particles. If for any reason, you can’t get distilled water, tap water can become a nice alternative. By the way, a lot of manufacturers claim tap water is absolutely safe to use in steam irons on condition that you remove calc periodically. The only type of water that isn’t recommended for use is hard water, as it creates mineral built-up which is detrimental to the iron’s operation.

Advantages of steam iron

  • Best for vertical ironing – Steam irons can be used to iron thick and long curtains that are difficult to take down. The major advantage is that you can iron them vertically without actually taking them down.
  • Safer than standard irons – 10 or 20 years ago, irons came with no extra feature or advanced settings as of now. If we compare a standard iron with steam iron available today, they are far safer and come with advanced features.
  • Efficient ironing – Using standard iron can definitely get you fabrics ironed. However, steam irons are far more efficient than standard irons. This is due to the fact that steam iron work on a combination of steam and heated sole plates.

Disadvantages of using a steam iron

  • Steam irons come with small water tanks that supply water for steam, this has to refilled every now and then
  • Steam irons cannot be used on hard fabrics like wool and polyester blend fabrics as they are not that efficient to remove the creases
  • Steam irons, as I mentioned above come with small water tanks. To fill the tanks you would have to open the cap to the tank and fill it, later on after a few cycles of use, some caps do not fit and the water starts dripping from the reservoir running the ironing efficiency.


Steam irons are an important part of the household. They must be picked out carefully, especially if a child or somebody younger has to make use of it. Our guide offers the best of the products one will ever find on the market, produced by some of the best brands. These irons must be still studied carefully as all products have their pros and cons and people have different specifications in what they would like to see in their product.

Some of the most important features like durability, longevity, steam, soleplate, etc. must all be noted. The product must ensure its safety standard and at the same time deliver an efficient performance as well. The product must satisfy you with all the features. Thus we hope that our guide helps you choose correctly and leads you to make a wise and informed decision. Therefore, Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron or Philips EasySpeed GC1028 2000-Watt Steam Iron can be a good buy.

For your convenience, I have given links to Amazon & Flipkart for each product. So, you don’t need to search each product just click on the buy now link after the description.

I hope that this blog post have helped you in purchasing the best steam iron. If you have still some questions, doubts or feedback, please post it in comments. I answer every comment posted on this blog.


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