Top 10 Best BBQ Grill Cleaner Brushes in 2020 Reviews

If you have a BBQ grill, you know that the most difficult aspect is cleaning. Without a piece of good cleaning equipment, you can spend your whole day cleaning it without achieving the best result. To reduce stress and facilitate the cleaning process, it is necessary that you use the best BBQ grill cleaner brushes. There are several of such brushes.

Using cleaner brushes would achieve a better result because it can touch all parts of the griller. These brushes do not work the same way. This means that you have to search diligently before you make a perfect choice. Making that choice is a big task, and to make things easier for users, top 10 best BBQ grill cleaner brushes are reviewed here. It can guide you to make your choice.

Table of the Best BBQ Grill Cleaner Brushes:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Inllex Stainless Steel BBQ Cleaning Brush Outdoor Grill Cleaner Steam BBQ Accessories Scraper Cleaning Tool Kitchen Gadgets
  • Material:Plastic and Steel wire.
  • Makes removing grate residue easy.
  • The grill brush can adapt to all angles, strong decontamination, and will not miss every corner.
  • Not easy to rust.
  • Recommended barbecue types: safe porcelain, ceramics, Weber, charcoal grilling, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Barbecue Grill Cleaning Tool | BBQ Brush | Barbecue Accessories | Stainless Steel BBQ Cleaner | BBQ Brush | Plastic Handle Cleaning Brush | Outdoor Grill Cleaner | Cooking Tools
  • BBQ Brush Size - 8.5 INCH' (Length) x 2.5 INCH' (Width) , 2 in 1 BBQ grill cleaning brush
  • Cleaning Brush Weight - 70 GRAM , Easily removes oily , hard stains, grease and stubborn soot by scratching, scraping and scrubbing your grill
  • BBQ Scraper Color - Black color bristles with black color handle . Cleans and wipes grill parts clean
  • BBQ Grill Material - Made up of hard bristles which easily clean all oil/hard stains from utensils . Steel scraper releases stubborn residue from the grill grate
  • This barbeque brush is perfect for effortless cleaning and quickly removes burnt residue from your grill
SaleBestseller No. 3
Inllex 2 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush Scraper 8" Tool-No Scratch Cleaning for Any Barbecue or Grill Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Scraper-Perfect Grill Accessories Gift
  • Heavy duty brush. Quickly removes burnt on residue and quickly gets your grill clean, among the best rated grill brushes. A great gift idea!
  • Essential tool for BBQ grill upkeep and maintenance. Ergonomic handle provides a secure hold
  • Stainless Steel Scraper. Bristles Made of Durable Plastic
  • The grill brush can adapt to all angles, strong decontamination, and will not miss every corner.
  • Recommended barbecue types: safe porcelain, ceramics, Weber, charcoal grilling, etc.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Vellex BBQ Grill Brush with Metal Scraper Brass Bristles
  • Crimped brass bristles
  • Black plastic block
  • Steel scraper to remove hardened grime
  • Heavy duty wire bristles
  • Includes flat and wire grill scraper
SaleBestseller No. 5
Surat Dream Silicon Oil Brush for Cooking Pastry Brush Set Kitchen basting Brushes for Barbeque BBQ (Multi Color) (3)
11 Reviews
Surat Dream Silicon Oil Brush for Cooking Pastry Brush Set Kitchen basting Brushes for Barbeque BBQ (Multi Color) (3)
  • High Quality Material: Made of food-grade heatproof silicone environmental safe materials Handle made of good quality plastic, our silicone baking oil brushes is BPA Free, odorless and healthy to use. It...
  • Easy To Use: Adopted with silicone soft brush bristles and hanging sturdy handles of PP materials, these silicone barbecue baking brushes are flexible to brush your food more evenly and grip easily. With...
  • Portable To Carry: These silicone baking basting brushes sizes are about 6.9 x 1.3 inches. Small and lightweight, easy and portable to carry out or go for camping.
  • There are various elegant colors included. COLOR WILL BE SEND AS PER AVAILABILITY.
  • Handle Color: Clear, Brush Color: Random
SaleBestseller No. 6
GOOSEBERRY® Practical BBQ Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush T-Brush - Brushed Stainless Steel Handle
  • Special T-brush design premium quality brass bristle grill brush suitable for all makes of barbecues and backed by our money-back guarantee.
  • Double the amount of brass bristles of other similar brushes means your BBQ clean-up chores just got a whole lot easier. Brass bristles won’t scratch your porcelain, cast-iron, or steel grill plates.
  • Extra long, sturdy handle allows you to clean every corner of your grill while you stay safely away from the heat; the unique reinforcing clips for extra strength so the brush won’t twist from under you...
  • Heavy duty, durable construction, easy to rinse off and clean, and it comes with a rawhide hanging strap for convenient storage.
  • Measures 12 inches in length with an extra wide 6 inch brush head that will make your after grill clean-up a breeze.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Virtual World Folding Barbecue Grill with hand tool
3 Reviews
Virtual World Folding Barbecue Grill with hand tool
  • It is folding, compact in size, easy to clean,Applicable number: 3-5 people
  • Size (length * width * height) :17”*10.4”*8.3”
  • Material: Steel
  • reat for tailgating, days at the beach, picnics, or camping, this folding portable charcoal grill
  • Its convenient fold-up design with steel legs makes this portable grill a must-have for your next outing
SaleBestseller No. 8
Generic Stainless Steel Bbq Cleaning Brush Barbecue Grill Cleaner Kitchen Camping Accessories Cooking Tools
  • new and imported,7-25 days on delivery
  • Material: Stainless Steel+Plastic+Copper Wire
  • Size: 21.5 x 7.3cm / 8.46 x 2.87 inch
  • Weight: 64 g
  • Package Includes: 1 X Barbecue Grill Cleaning Brush
SaleBestseller No. 9
Combo – 1 PCs Chenille Microfiber Floor Cleaning Mop (with) 1 PC Window Glass Cleaning Wiper Brush (with) 1 PCs Kitchen Pot Brush BBQ Cleaner Brush Pan Dish Grill Scrub Steel Wire Cleaning Ball
  • 1 PCs Chenille Microfiber Floor Cleaning Mop with Telescopic Long Handle
  • 1 PC Glass Water Sprayer Wiper Multifunction Cleaner Tool Car Home Garden Kitchen Window Glass Cleaning Brush
  • 1 PCs Kitchen Pot Brush BBQ Cleaner Brushes Replaceable Pan Dish Grill Scrub Steel Wire Cleaning Ball Scourer Home Wash Clean Tool
SaleBestseller No. 10
GENERIC New Grille Grill BBQ Brush Barbecue Cleaner 3 Steel Wire Heads Effortless Cleaning Plastic Handle
  • NEW AND IMPORTED,7-25 days on delivery
  • Bristles Material: Steel Wire
  • Brush handle material: Plastic Anti-scald Handle
  • Length: 44 cm Width: 15.5 cm Weight: 320 g
  • Package Included: 1 x BBQ Cleaning Brush

Why Cleaning your Grill is Important

There are many important reasons to clean your grill, not least because grease and oil can turn rancid, if left on your grill grate will impart a bad taste on your food and could even result in flare ups and a grill fire.

When you’re done cooking, you will probably have a build-up of black crust. This is carbon that has burned onto your grill grate, caused by a combination of fat and meat that stuck to the grill, and barbecue sauce. It tastes like burnt toast and you don’t want it on your food.

If the fear of rancid grease and the flavor of burnt toast on your food doesn’t make you want to clean your grill, just remember: A dirty grill can attract insects.

Would you like a side of ants to go with your burger and weenies? I didn’t think so.

How to Clean Your Grill Grates

It’s best to clean your grill while the grates are hot. Whether you’ve just finished cooking, or are just starting, you should turn your burners on high and close the lid for 10 – 15 minutes.

This way, a lot of leftover grease will burn off, and what is left will harden and turn into carbon. This carbon will be much easier to clean off with a brush.

Once you have a hot grill, clean your grates by using a brush with strong bristles. The act of cleaning is pretty self-explanatory; simply apply force with your brush to the grill to remove any leftover carbon and grease.

Things to Look for in a Grill Brush

When it comes to a good grill brush, there are several factors that will help determine if it will make for a good barbecue cleaning tool:

The Right Brush for your Grill Grate

Most grills have either a stainless steel or cast iron grate, and truthfully you can get away with any type of brush with these grates.

If you have a grate that is coated in either porcelain or enamel you’re going to want a gentle metal, like brass, to not chip your coating.

If your coating starts to chip, you’re going to start seeing it come off on your cooked food – which is just gross – as well as your grates losing their ‘non-stick properties’ and just looking a bit unsightly, pock marked and not in top shape.

Long Handle

This may seem obvious, but I’m constantly surprised by the number I see with short handles – i.e. less than 6 inches.

Grills are hot! The longer the handle the further away from the hot cooking surface your hand is going to be and the less chance you have of being burned

Some Way to Hang it up

You’re going to want to be able to store your brush

Most grills come with hooks on so you can hang your brush and other utensils. So either a sturdy leather string or metal loop to hang yours on should be a must.

Sturdy Bristles

It’s been reported in the media lately that many people are having to be hospitalised due to ingesting metal bristles left on their grill from their brushes.

Obviously, you don’t want that to happen to you or your guests. So you should aim to find one with very sturdy bristles that will not easily come out.

Regardless of which you buy, if it has bristles, you should make sure you have a close look at your grill grate before you cook on it to inspect for loose bristles.

Integrated Scraper

We all forget to clean our grates after use occasionally…Don’t we? Well, I do.

When this happens, you can end up with a really solid, hard to remove crust on your grates that a brush is just not the right tool for. This is when you need a scraper.

A scraper is just as it sounds: It’s a solid tool, sometimes sharp, sometimes curved to fit around individual bars of your grate, that you can use to scrape away very hard baked on residue that a brush alone isn’t able to tackle.

Many brushes on the market today have a built in scraper, and for not much extra cost. So it’s wise to look for a brush that has a scraper included. Trust me, you will find it useful.

Things to Avoid in a Grill Brush

Just as there are certain aspects that make a good grill brush, there are certain things you want to avoid:

Plastic Near the Cleaning Area

Many grill brushes have plastic handles. While that is all fine and good, many brushes also have plastic that runs right down to the bottom of the brush where the bristles are attached that gets very close to the heat.

The downside to this is obvious: plastic melts. Even if you’re careful, you can still accidentally touch the hot grate with the plastic and have some melt off.

The last thing you want to do is get melted plastic on your burger!


As with many products these days, there are lots of unnecessary gimmicks when it comes to grill brushes. Most gimmicky models are poorly made and should be avoided.

I’ve seen everything from “robot grill cleaners” to plastic brushes that have a squirt bottle attached to them (water makes the bristles rust, plastic melts, and the water inside the brush can freeze in the winter).

Trust me, if it seems like it’s a hokey gimmick, avoid it. The only ‘extra’ we can recommend is a built-in scraper. So let’s take a look at some models with built in scrapers first.

BBQ grill cleaner brush buying guide

Here are some of the few features to consider when you are making a choice, and they are as follows:

Handle length:Safety of the user is very important and that is why you must look for a model with a long handle. Another advantage is that it reaches all parts of the grill.

Bristles:Some are designed with bristles while there are some without bristles. You can make your choice depending on what you want to achieve.

Versatile:Moreover, it should be versatile so that you can use it to clean different kinds of grills. You do not need to buy different brushes for different grills.

Easy to use:Most importantly, it should be very simple and easy to use.


Looking for the best grill cleaner brushes? These models are the best for you and you can choose any of them. They are good and you can get a justification for buying one.

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