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Electric Blankets are one which contains integrated electrical heating cables. There are several; types of the electric blanket in the market today, such as the over-blankets, under blankets duvets and throws. These blankets usually come with a control unit whose work is to adjust the amount of heat that the blanket produces.

This blanket is especially useful when it comes to heating your bed before going to sleep. Or, it can also be used to keep you warm while sleeping. In the market these days, you will find all manner of electric blankets, having a variety does not mean that all of them will work well. There are some which are of better quality than others. Therefore, you need to do due diligence before you purchase one. This will ensure that you get value for your hard-earned money. Here we have highlighted the top ten best electric blankets.

What brand is the best electric blanket?

Top 10 Ten Best Electric Blankets To Buy in 2020

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bell electric blankets - Premium Electric Blanket for Single Bed - 10 Years Warranty- Heating Bed Warmer with 4 Heat Settings - Size (150cms x 80cms) - Shock Proof with Lower Power Consumption
  • An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company
  • Proudly Made In India (KASHMIR). A Hand Made Product.
  • A complete 10 years Warranty against any Manufacturing Defect. Please read warranty card properly to avail warranty services
  • Low Power Consumption: Bell electric bed warmer products just consume 75 Watts (Single Bed Size), and 150 Watts (Double Bed) the current it takes to lighten a single light bulb.
  • Luxuriously soft fabric: Snuggle up in pure comfort with our plush marino wool material.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer - Electric Under Blanket - Double Bed Size (150cms x 160cms) with 3 Heat Settings & Dual Safety Feature with Over Heat Protection - Color: Skin Brown
  • Proudly Made in India with CE, RoHS & ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • 1 year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defects. Please read warranty card properly to avail warranty services
  • Power Consumption: 70 x 2 Watts
  • Size: Double Bed Size (150cms x 160cms)
  • Safety: Dual Safety Feature with Over Heat Protection with 12 Hours auto cut-off
SaleBestseller No. 3
HEATRONICS™ USA Electric Under Blanket (SINGLE) 60"x36", 3 Heat Settings, Analog Remote, Electric Under blanket for Single Bed
  • 【Three Customizable Heat Levels🌟】: Adjust your comfort with 3 different heat settings, easily managed through a remote for your convenience.
  • 【Safety First Design✨】: Equipped with an auto cutoff after achieving 80 degrees celsius to ensure safety, alongside an advanced safety system for peace of mind.
  • 【Perfect Size for Single Beds✔️】: Measuring 60 inches by 36 inches, this heated mattress pad is designed to fit snugly on a single bed, providing end-to-end warmth.
  • 【Premium Polyester Material✅】: Made with 100% breathable polyester, featuring ventilation technology for a skin-friendly experience that promotes air circulation.
  • 【Convenient Controller🌟】: Comes with controllers with a long handle controller cable for easy use.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Beurer TS15 Ecologic+ Heated Underblanket | Double Electric Blanket with Elastic Straps for a Non-Slip fit it to Your Mattress | Easy-to-use | Machine Washable | Soft and Breathable | Size 152x122cm
  • THE PERFECT FIT: Tie attach to your mattress for a non-slip fit and undisturbed sleep.
  • 4 TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: The easy-slide control lets you chose from 3 electronically regulated temperature settings.
  • SAFE ALL NIGHT: Equipped with our Beurer Safety System (BSS) electronic sensor technology, the TS15 will automatically switch-off to prevent overheating.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Simply detach the power cord and temperature control and pop in your washing machine at 30C.
  • BEAT THE CHILL : Our controllable electric underblanket could be the extra layer that makes the difference this winter.
SaleBestseller No. 5
WARMTH WEB Woolllen Bed Warmer Electric Under Blanket Single Bed (2 Years Warranty, Merino Wool, Multicolour, 30x60 inches, Reversible)
  • Make In India
  • Fabric: Merino Wool, Size: 150 x 75 cm
  • Use the blanket ONLY as Under Blanket, not as on over blanket. Tuck it below the cotton bed sheet above the mattress on the bed.
  • Switch off the Electric Blanket before getting into bed
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Don't wash the electric blanket . Heated blanket should not be used when folded
SaleBestseller No. 6
Bell electric blankets - Single Bed - 10 Years Warranty - Heating Bed Warmer with Four Heat Settings - Shock Proof with Low Power Consumption- Single Bed Size (150cms x 80cms)
  • Warranty : A complete 10 Years Warranty againest any Manufacturing defect.
  • Customizable Warmth: Choose from multiple heat settings to find the perfect level of warmth for your comfort.
  • Variable Temperature Control: Adjust the heat settings to your preference, whether you prefer a gentle warmth or cozy heat.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Experience consistent warmth across the entire surface of your bed, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the night.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality Marino wool fabrics that are soft to the touch and durable for long-lasting use.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Warmland Single Bed Electric Bed Warmer Coffee with 5 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Proudly - MADE IN INDIA
  • Size: 30 inch x 60 inch or 75 cm x 152 cm
  • Color: Brown, Size Name: Single, Package Contents: 1 Electric Bed Warmer,Material: Polyester
  • Safety features-Intend to use only as a bed warmer. this is not an over blanket.not intended for use with pets.Unfold completely for use.Bed Warmer should not be hanged over the door or hook.Do not leave...
  • Other features-100 % Shock Proof/Water Proof.Auto Cut function to stop Resistant Material Used.Minimum Electricity Consumption.ISO, RHOS, CE Quality Certifications.Suits as per your...
SaleBestseller No. 8
Electric Bed Warmer - Electric Blanket - Single Bed Size | Ideal for Heavy Winter | Printed Print Electric Blanket | Hot Blanket Electric Hot for Cold for Bed
  • Specifically designed to provide warmth during the coldest winter nights.
  • Powered electric blanket for customizable warmth and comfort
  • Ensures a cozy and warm sleeping environment, perfect for chilly nights
  • User-friendly design with simple controls for adjusting heat levels
  • Versatile enough to use on beds and ideal for combating cold weather
SaleBestseller No. 9
SUMMER FEEL Single Bed Electric Under Blanket (Multicolour, 30X60-inches, 2 Years Warranty), Wool
20 Reviews
SUMMER FEEL Single Bed Electric Under Blanket (Multicolour, 30X60-inches, 2 Years Warranty), Wool
  • Summer Feel Electric Bed Warmer comes 24 months replacement guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Fabric: Merino Wool
  • 4 Stage temperature controls-high, low, top, feet, 1 Regulator with light for night vision
  • Keep it below the bed sheet, above the mattress. Its an Under Blanket not to be worn over the body.
  • Switch off after max 60 minutes. The blanket needs to be checked and switched off after regular intervals to avoid over heating.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer - Electric Under Blanket - Double Bed Size (150cms x 160cms) with 3 Heat Settings & Dual Safety Feature with Over Heat Protection - Color: Grey
  • Proudly Made in India with CE, RoHS & ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • 1 year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defects. Please read warranty card properly to avail warranty services
  • Power Consumption: 70 x 2 Watts
  • Size: Double Bed Size (150cms x 160cms)
  • Safety: Dual Safety Feature with Over Heat Protection with 12 Hours auto cut-off

Types of Electric Blankets

Don’t stick to using the blanket types you’re used to. One of these may meet your specific needs better.

Under blanket

An under blanket is what most people are used to. These fit over your mattresses and usually fasten around them with elastics or cords.

Their sizes are calculated to cover the areas up to where pillows are placed. It’s wise to cover them with a sheet to protect you from excessive heat and prevent friction that could damage the blanket.

Over blanket

I love this idea. Have warmth on top of you so you’re cuddling with a hot blanket. An over blanket can be used on its own or placed inside a duvet. Imagine drawing the heat closer to the area of your body that loses heat the quickest.

Improved technology makes them as comfortable to sleep under as normal blankets. No wires will disturb your sleep.

Heated Mattress Protectors or Covers

These are similar to under blankets but they work like fitted sheets:

  • There’s an elasticated skirt. This prevents the cover moving while you sleep.
  • There is no wiring in the area your pillow will be. This is safer and conserves energy.

It serves the same purpose as a mattress protector so your bed can stay in excellent condition while you stay warm at night. It can add a luxurious feel to the bed because some even have fur exteriors to increase your comfort.

Heated Mattress Topper

The more padding your bed has the more comfortable it will be. With a heated mattress topper an additional layer of padding is added while you can also enjoy the warmth. They also stay in place with the help of elastic cords.

Heated Throw

Imagine cuddling under your favorite blanket on the couch. Now imagine it can heat up to give you additional warmth. They’re as much décor as they are ideal for winter so you can use them for decoration in summer too.

Heated Duvet

A heated duvet is an ideal solution if you’re looking for an affordable option. During summer this is simply a duvet. In winter you can switch it on when needed and use the heat functions. No additional accessories or bedding is necessary anymore.

Benefits Of An Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets

It is cheaper compared to central heating

These blankets are extremely efficient, and they are designed to keep you warm at less the cost. This is because, you only need enough energy to keep you and your bed warm, rather than keeping the entire house heated.

If you get a big enough blanket to fit on your bed, or one that can fit your entire family, you can end up keeping everyone nice and warm at a very low cost.

In order to increase your savings, get one that is thick and plush, you may end up spending a little more than expected but, it is more than worth it.

It helps with pain relief, arthritis and sciatica:

Heat has natural healing power, and when you apply it to specific areas of your body, it can give you lasting relief from this pain. People who suffer from arthritis have been known to benefit greatly from a heated blanket on their beds.

When you use an electric blanket, your entire body feels very cozy, and it also helps you to relax and gives you that contented feeling. You will also not wake up stiff in the morning.

People who suffer from chronic pain conditions such as sciatica can also benefit greatly from using a heated blanket every night.

It helps you to sleep much better

There are basically 5 stages of sleep. Your body normally cycles through these stages during the night. If at any stage your sleep is disturbed by e.g. a sudden temperature change, this will affect you and you may end up being pulled from some deep sleep.

It will set your sleep schedule for you

We all have what is called a circadian rhythm in our bodies, and this is what tells us when to sleep and when to wake up.It is normally influenced by many different things such as diet, activities, light, darkness and even temperatures. If you keep changing your temperature especially at night, this may affect your circadian rhythm.

As a result, you may end up struggling to fall asleep at the right time.

Now, having a good electric blanket will ensure you are comfortable and that you maintain a consistent temperature at night, which will help you maintain a healthy sleep schedule because regardless of what the temperature is outside, your bed is always nice, warm and cozy.

It is scientifically proven to help improve your mood

Your body naturally uses plenty of energy to keep you warm on a cold day. With an electric blanket, it doesn’t need to do any work at all. The brain will receive good signals from your body that you do not need to work and as a result, you start to feel happy.

Another reason is that heat is a form of massage therapy, and any time you expose your body to pressure, it releases endorphins or what is called “the feel-good hormones,” and these help your body to feel naturally happy and relaxed.

Helps to warm your bed in advance:

When it is very cold and the temperatures are well in the negative, the last thing you need is to climb into a super cold bed. This actually feels so bad that you may end up sleepless all night long.

A good electric blanket will come with some warm settings which you can use to set it up in advance before going to bed in order to ensure that by the time you need to sleep, your bed is very warm and inviting. In most cases, you will fall asleep immediately.

Individual comfort:

In most cases whenever 2 people are in bed together, one is usually warmer than the other. An electric blanket comes with dual control that enables you to set your own comfort levels.You do not share this, and each person receives heat from their end that is different from the other person.

Dust mites and allergies reduction:

Mites naturally love humidity. The moisture in your mattress normally contains skin cells, and hair that you shed from your body. This is a perfect breeding spot for mites and other parasites that are found on mattresses.

Dust mites, on the other hand, do trigger asthmatic attacks and other allergic conditions.

According to research, electric blankets help to reduce dust mites by up to 50% through the principle of heat reduction.

Sinus relief

Sinuses are normally caused by cold temperatures. Most people are also known to experience these symptoms mostly at night while they are sleeping, whereby the sneeze a lot. A good electric blanket will help to increase the temperatures in bed and keep you very warm, and hence you will not suffer from sinuses.

How Do They Work?

Just like an electric heating pad, these blankets work by use of an insulated wire or through a heating element that is normally inserted into the blanket and provides heat when it is plugged into a power outlet.

They have a temperature control that is located between the blanket and the electrical outlet. This is what manages the amount of current entering the blanket’s heating elements.

Some modern electric blankets make use of carbon fiber elements that are less bulky and also less conspicuous compared to the normal heating wires. This carbon is normally used as the main heating element. This is available in the high-end products mostly.

You can also choose to purchase blankets that come with rheostats which are used to manage body heat and the blanket’s temperature. This ensures a very comfortable experience with the blanket at all times.

Safety Rules To Mind When Installing An Electric Heated Blanket

Some would think an electric heated blanket is a plug-and-play kind of device.  To some extent, it is.  However, you need to be mindful of the Instruction Manual and take time to read it when setting up the product.

Here are some safety practices in using electric heated blankets:

  1. Do not use on infants, very small children, persons with disabilities or anyone who cannot operate the controls.
  2. Avoid using the electric blanket in an adjustable bed, a sofa bed, reclining chairs or the like that can pinch the wires.
  3. When storing, do not loop the cord around the control panel as this may cause damage.
  4. Do not let your pets play around the heated electric blanket as their claw or teeth may damage and puncture the wires.
  5. Turn off the device when not in use.
  6. Never use an electric heated blanket on a water bed.
  7. Never iron your electric heated blanket as this may melt the wirings and insulation.
  8. Do not use pins on your heated blanket to avoid puncturing the wires.

Who is an Electric Blankets Good For?

  • People who have trouble staying warm when they sleep: If constantly feeling too cold wakes you up during the night, you should strongly consider investing in a good electric blanket. With the right temperature setting, the electric blanket allows you to stay just warm enough to drift off to sleep. It’s a very helpful product for anyone whose body struggles with thermoregulation.
  • Couples with different temperature preferences: Electric blankets are a great way to avoid disagreements about room temperature settings. One person can sleep with the regular blanket while the other uses an electric blanket.
  • People with painful conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia and painful menstruation: Research shows that heat therapycan improve pain tolerance and relax muscles. Wrapping up in your electric blanket can provide some much-needed relief for those with chronic painful conditions.

Common Design Features of Electric Blankets

Like most things, electric blankets have come a long way since their introduction to the bedding market. They offer much more than a single on/off heat setting.

Below are a few of the innovative design features available with electric blankets today. If any particularly appeal to you, make sure to look out for them as you shop for your own electric blanket.

  • Heat Settings: Electric blankets typically come with adjustable heat settings, meaning that you have a range of temperature options to choose from. With some models you can actually pre-program these settings, setting the blanket to warm up automatically during a set period before bedtime and automatically shutting off after a certain time to prevent you from waking up in a hot sweat.
  • Composition: Electric blankets are typically made from polyester. This fabric is fire-resistant, comfortable, and also thick – key to insulating the coils and wires in the blanket so you don’t feel them scratching at your skin. The plug and controls are typically made from plastic. Some controllers feature a LCD display for easy reading and adjustments during the night.
  • Cleaning: Your electric blanket will specify the care instructions. To clean your blanket, you’ll typically remove the plug and controls. The remaining fabric is often machine washable and can be tumble dried on the low heat setting.
  • Size: Blankets are available in different sizes that match standard mattress sizes (twin, full, queen, and king). Electric blankets that queen-size and larger usually come with dual control settings so the blanket’s temperature can be adjusted for either side of the bed – perfect for those who share their bed with a partner who prefers a different temperature.
  • Warranty: Most quality electric blankets come with a warranty, protecting your purchase. If the blanket burns within a certain time period, you may be able to return it for a refund.
  • Low-Voltage Options: Electric blankets come in two main varieties: regular and low voltage. Both of these are designed to be completely safe, but low-voltage electric blankets are even safer and provide less drain on your electricity. However, they do take a bit longer to warm up.

Electric Blanket Safety

With electric blankets, it’s vital to understand how to use and care for them safely. Doing so will help you avoid unnecessary fires, electrocution. Always make sure to read and follow the directions carefully. Read on for answers to common questions about electric blanket safety.

Is an Electric Blanket Safe for Me?

Even when a blanket is working as expected, it can still get uncomfortably hot for the user. For this reason, electric blankets are not recommended for use by certain individuals because of the potential safety risk.

For example, people with diabetes can have reduced sensitivity in their limbs, so they may not recognize when the blanket is too hot for them and burns their skin. Pregnant women should also avoid using electric blankets. Finally, adults with dementia or mental disabilities, as well as young children, are not recommended users either. They may not understand how to adjust the settings properly and put themselves at risk of getting burned.

A possible workaround for these individuals is to place the blanket in the bed before they get in, warming it up, and then removing it before the person goes to bed.

Are Electric Blankets Safe for Pets?

Pets tend to run hotter than us, so avoid using your electric blanket if you share your bed with a pet. You also don’t want your puppy chewing it and exposing the wires.

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

Because you spend a little more on an electric blanket than a regular one, you’ll want to do what you can to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Proper treatment of the product will go a long way towards making that happen. In this section, you’ll learn about how to clean and care for your electric blanket and when it’s time to consider buying a new one.

How Do I Care for an Electric Blanket?

When you’re dealing with a heating device, proper care and use is of the utmost importance. Maintaining your electric blanket and following the care instructions is essential.

When using your blanket, don’t bunch hit up or fold it, as that can create hot spots. Always place it as the top layer of your bedding. Do not put pillows, sheets, or comforters on top of it – these can all add additional heat which can result in overheating and burns.

This is especially important if you sleep on a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are particularly sensitive to heat. The heat and pressure from your body is what enables them to contour so well, so avoid placing electric blankets directly on their mattress surface.

When storing the blanket, follow the same guidelines – do not place it under heavy objects as these can damage the wires. Always unplug your electric blanket and keep it turned off when not in use.

Can You Wash an Electric Blanket in the Washing Machine?

Not all electric blankets are machine washable, but most are. You’ll need to remove the plug and controllers before putting your blanket in the washing machine. Use the gentle setting on your washer and the low heat setting on your dryer.

Always review the washing and care instructions for your blanket to keep it in good shape.

When Should I Replace My Electric Blanket?

Brown spots on your blanket are tell-tale sign that it has burn damage. If you see these, stop using the blanket immediately and buy a replacement. Regularly check the cord and electric parts of the blanket for frays to ensure they have not incurred any damage as well.

Do not buy a used blanket, and avoid using the blanket at its maximum setting to keep it from overheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the electric blanket really safe?

Even when the blanket is working the way it should, sometimes, it can get quite hot for the user. It is for this very reason that electric blankets are recommended for use by some specific people and not by everyone.

How do I take care of my electric blanket?

When dealing with any heating device, it is always important to take proper care and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now, first of all, you are not supposed to fold the blanket at all. Folding creates hot spots. It is recommended that you place the blanket on your bed and also do not put any pillows or any sheets on top of it.

For cleaning, simply follow the instructions given.

The key to ensuring your blanket lasts a long period of time and serves you very well is to ensure that you be sensitive with it and ensure to strictly adhere to all the instructions given with the manual as this will safeguard it.

How does the electric blanket work?

It uses electricity. This electricity normally heats up the insulated wires that have been put in the blanket and once they heat up the fabric surrounding the blanket quickly begins to make your body feel warm as a result of the electric current.

Will it raise my electric bill?

An electric blanket will actually do the opposite. It will significantly save you when it comes to electricity cost. This is because, with an electric blanket, you do not necessarily need to have the heaters on in your home when it’s cold.

You can simply use the blanket to keep you warm and you cannot compare the cost of heating your whole home to heating an electric blanket.

Having and electric blanket saves you energy cost.

In fact, some of these blankets made of plush materials such as microfleece do not even need to be connected to a power outlet for them to provide warmth in your body. The wires inside the blanket are flexible and thin, and they offer comfort and warmth.

Can the heat affect my sleep?

No. it will make you sleep more soundly and more comfortably. This is because electric blankets come with a temperature control that allows you to take it a little lower in case it is too much.

Most people however use these blankets to just warm their beds before they sleep, and then they turn it off. This is a good way of ensuring that the blanket works only when needed and that it doesn’t end up overheating your bed and making it uncomfortable for you to sleep.

Where can I Buy These?

Many items are available online or can be purchased directly from suppliers. Alternatively, you can visit a store so you can feel the blanket’s exterior and pick one soft enough for your tastes.

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