Top 10 Best Quality Sanitary Pads In India – Have A Safe Period!

In India most of the ladies using sanitary pads for managing with their periods. Monthly flow is a quiet disturbing experience for the women with blood loss and menstrual pain. Today working women and college and school going girls need long lasting and high quality pads for wearing for this week. Wearing of lampoon is not much popular in India as pads. You can also have panty liners during your periods. Our list will shop you which sanitary pads are safe to use in India and we here by listed the best cotton sanitary pads.

Sanitary pads or sanitary napkins, when chosen correctly, can keep you comfortable and tension free during that time of the month. When it comes to choosing a pad, there are a few things that one should keep in mind. The very first being their flow, and everything else roams around the area of your comfort. If this choice fails, it could affect a girl’s sanitary health as well leading to rashes, irritations, infections, bruises and the list can go on.

Change your pad every 4-6 hours, use anti-bacterial washes to keep any infections at bay and keep checking the pad regularly to know when it is time to change next. Apart from this, many sanitary pad manufacturers claim to have made products that can cater to every woman’s need, we have listed a few trusted sanitary pad brands that one can swear by.

The one reason why women have a favorite brand of sanitary pads is because they are comfortable with how it feels and they know firsthand that the product will not fail them. Therefore, keeping that in mind, here are the top sanitary pads which in my opinion are the best in the market currently in India.

Choosing the Best Quality Sanitary Pads in India is very important and if failed, may affect the girl’s health too. Wearing a wet pad for too many hours cause more risk of infection. Change your pads every 4 to 6 hours. The materials used in making pads, may not be suitable for every one. Once you feel irritation, itching or redness on the kin after wearing a new product, change it as soon as possible. Below, I enlist top 5 Best Quality Sanitary Pads in India for ladies with leading brands and models. Choose best one for you. These sanitary pads/napkins can be purchased/buy from ebay, amazon, flipkart etc online stores in India.

Top 10 Best Sanitary Pads in India 2019

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Top 10 Sanitary Pads / Napkins List with Price and other details

  1. Wisper Sanitary pad
  2. Stayfree secure sanitary pad
  3. Bella Pad
  4. Sofy Side Walls Sanitary pad
  5. Health buddy Sanitary pad
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Top 10 Sanitary Pads in India

If you have not scanned the supermarket aisles yet for the latest arrivals in the women’s hygiene section and are sticking to your same old brand, we tell you about top 10 sanitary pads in India.

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1. Whisper Ultra Clean

These sanitary pads provide long lasting superior protection. They have a super absorbent core that pulls away leakage from the edges. The wings are longer and give you added protection so that you can remain worry-free even on heavy flow days.

Why This?

  • Extra large (XL) wings (317 mm.)
  • Locks wetness up to 100% (based on P&G technical data)
  • Protection throughout the day

Price: Rs. 165 for 15 pads

2. Stayfree Dry-Max All Night

The Stayfree Dry-Max All Night is an ultra-thin pad that helps you sleep as you please, without worrying about leakage. Being very thin, it fits your contour snugly and is highly absorbent. The pads are wider at the back to give you a sound sleep even when there is an extremely intense flow.

Why This?

  • Dry max cover (extra long and extra wide) for protection against leakage from all sides
  • Super lock pockets with gel-core that locks-in fluid throughout the night
  • Unique Night Guard 5 feature for all round night protection
  • Odor control technology with natural plant extracts for a fresh and confident feeling

Price: Rs. 175 for 14 pads

3. Sofy Side Walls

Sofy Side Walls has special walls on the side of the pad that prevents leakage during movement. It is made with exclusive fit-to-zone technology to fit your body and absorb the fluid quickly. It also has a super dry net sheet to give you a dry feeling all day.

Why This?

  • Extra large (XL) with dry cover and wings for a clean and comfortable feeling
  • Long-lasting double-absorbent core with gel to absorb heavy flow and lock wetness in
  • Multi-leak control lines to prevent heavy flow from reaching to the sides
  • Flexible side walls to minimize gap and prevent side leakage for maximum protection

Price: Rs. 95 for 12 pads

4. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin

This product from Stayfree is ideal for daytime use. The super thin pad comes with a dry-max cover and super lock pockets that keep you dry throughout the day. Its gel-based core also helps in absorbing fluid quickly, thereby keeping you dry, clean, and comfortable.

Why This?

  • Dry-max cover with ultra-thin body for complete protection
  • Super lock pockets with gel-core
  • Unique Night Guard 5 feature for all round night protection

Price: Rs. 80 for 8 pads

5. She Comfort Ultra XXL Wings

She Ultra comes with a super soft cover made of cotton in order to help you have rash free periods. It has a hydrophobic non-woven, non-plastic edges with gel technology that provides superior absorbency and prevent side leakage.

Why This?

  • Ultra XXL (320 mm.) wings for overnight and heavy flow
  • Non-plasticky, non-abrasive cottony soft cover for rash-free periods
  • Top dry weave for a complete dry feel

Price: Rs. 65 for 7 pads

6. Whisper Ultra Nights

These ultra-thin sanitary pads are designed to provide you unparalleled comfort all through the night. The gel core, stretchable wings, extra length and width at the back – all these ensure that there is no chance of leakage and you have a good night’s sleep.

Why This?

  • Dri-Weave Cover provides soft, dry protection
  • Nearly 40% longer pad helps provide more coverage for heavy flow
  • Wider Back for better coverage to protect against back leakage throughout the night
  • Lock core absorbs fluid and locks it in gel form for long-lasting protection
  • 5 times more absorbency than regular pads

Price: Rs. 175 for 15 pads

7. Don’t Worry Ultra Thin Super

These perfumed pads are specially made for girls and women on the go. It turns fluid into gel in order to provide protection against heavy flow during the daytime. The wings also prevent any side leakage.

Why This?

  • Comes in dual size convenient pack
  • Choose from 240 mm. and 280 mm. based on your flow type

Price: Rs. 35 for 8 pads

8. Whisper Choice Regular Wings

If you are not too keen on using the ultra-thin pads after the first two days of your period, then Whisper Choice is an ideal pick for the remaining days. It comes with wings and a gel-based core. It also controls odor to a great extent for offering a fresh feeling throughout the day.

Why This?

  • Up to 100% stain prevention
  • Dry-weave top sheet with funnel-shaped holes for maximum dryness and comfort
  • Large side-safe wings for ultimate fit and protection
  • Blue-lock core to give a clean and dry feeling through the period

Price: Rs. 80 for 20 pads

9. Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings

Kotex Soft & Smooth has a cottony cover that will protect you from rashes. If you have had a rash from using the ultra-thin napkins at the beginning of the period, you can choose Kotex Soft for the days when you have less flow. It comes with wings and contoured borders for better fit and protection.

Why This?

  • Gives extra protection and comfortable fit
  • Softest cottony cover to avoid rashes on your delicate skin
  • Gentle wings give you maximum comfort even when you are at your active best
  • Blue safety zone to spread the fluid throughout the pad evenly
  • Continuous border to stop leakage

Price: Rs. 25 for 8 pads

10. Carefree Panty Liners

Whether it is for the spotting towards the beginning or the end of your periods when you don’t want to wear pads, the panty liners from Carefree are an excellent choice. They help you remain worry-free about staining and without the hassle of wearing a pad. They are smaller and softer than the regular pads and an excellent choice for maintaining hygiene on your “spotting days”.

Why This?

  • Unique soft cover designed for dryness and comfort
  • Absorbed wetness in seconds
  • Moisture-proof backing for protection against leakage
  • Unscented and dermatologically tested against allergy and irritation

Price: Rs. 90 for 20 liners

How do choose the best sanitary pad for periods?

Before going into the details of how should we choose the sanitary pad, i would like to draw your attention to some of the details on why we should choose the right pad. According to recent studies India is one of the countries with the highest rate of cervical cancer(it accounts for almost 23% of all cancers in Indian Women). Studies show a direct link between HPV infections(cause for cervical cancer) and poor menstrual hygiene. Some studies also proved the presence of some harmful chemicals in some of the well known brands, which may cause cancer in the long run.

We always look for the pad that can keep us dry and one with high absorption rate in order to avoid the awkwardness of being caught with the leak. Some may be comfortable while wearing but may not be efficient in leakage control. Other might prevent the leakage efficiently but will cause skin irritation and bad odour.

So we should look for the one without dioxin, one with higher absorption and provide maximum comfort without compromising the quality or not cause any irritation. i have came across with one such pad in lifetime and it is Disposable Maternity Pad – NewMom


  1. Long enough to prevent back leakage
  2. Elastic gathering prevents side leakage and moves as your body moves.
  3. Super Absorbent Polymer enables it to absorb upto 850ml
  4. For people with less bleeding, Newmom have less absorption variety Newmom Disposable Pad- Medi Pad-450ml absorption capacity
  5. Dioxin-free: Not having the cancer causing chemical and makes no skin irritation
  6. can also use people with incontenence problem

Newmom disposable pad is having a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in amazon with more than 96 reviews. And i am quite sure that once you use the product, it would be irresistible, and won’t use other pads. It is a bit costly but our health is more priceless.

How safe are sanitary pads in India?

A woman enters the store, picks up a pack or mumbles the name of the brand she wants under her breath to the storekeeper, who proceeds to wrap the product in an old newspaper and hands it to her in a black plastic bag. She pays in awkward silence before hurriedly exiting the shop.

That’s typically how a woman buys a pack of sanitary napkins in India, where the topic of menstrual hygiene is usually not discussed in genteel company, let alone in public. So how does one begin to ask questions about what goes into the making of a product that people are hesitant to even mention aloud?

Further, since sanitary napkins are classified as “medical products”, companies are not required by law to disclose what goes into their making on product packs.

There is no research to attest that sanitary napkins sold in India are safe. But the use of some chemicals in the feminine hygiene products raises questions over how safe they really are.

“It is a sanitary napkin. Its purpose is not just to absorb. Hygiene parameters of the product, of how safe they are, should be disclosed on the packets. Unfortunately, people choose sanitary napkins based on the cost, design and packaging,” said Bhawana Chanana, associate professor in the department of fabric and apparel science at Lady Irwin College, Delhi University.

“But the main consideration really should be hygiene— what’s the pH range, for instance. But women don’t ask simply because they are embarrassed and this has worked to the advantage of the manufacturers and sellers,” added Chanana, who said she has come across instances where products rejected in the US or Germany have been recycled in India.

Conclusion :- These are the reviews of Best Sanitary Pads in India, which are popular, cheap and recommended by many users. Choose the pad which gives you more comfort. We have listed this list after much research. Don’t shy, just ask for it. Don’t compromise with quality and your health. Our editor has recommended to go with Whisper Ultra Clean -XL Wings, it is highest selling sanitary pads in india.

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