Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners (AC) in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you wonder how to survive a hot summer or how to heat your room in winter? Perhaps, it’s high time to think about a reliable and cost-efficient portable air conditioner that will maintain the optimal temperature in your room. This review will help you find the one you need.

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Today in this article we write up and telling you about the top 9 portable air conditioners available in in India.

Portable air conditioners are useful for cooling, and sometimes dehumidifying, small areas of the home or office. Portable air conditioners can supplement window units, and are often programmable to run at certain times or at specific temperatures. Portable air conditioners are excellent choices for small apartments in that other air conditioning units, similar to a window unit, may be forbidden by landlord’s otherwise private housing rules.

Best Portable Air Conditioners in India

Let’s find out the top 10 best Portable Air Conditioners in India online. You can check features, price, review, and discount of each product in the list. Top 10 Portable Air Conditioners are ranked based on their popularity, ratings, and the number of sales in India. The ten Portable Air Conditioners which are listed may vary regularly, as the list is updated daily considering the product availability, shopping deals, and customer feedback. The listed Portable Air Conditioners are bestsellers in their category which are trusted by many users. Now go ahead and make a choice from the list of best Portable Air Conditioners in India.

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Top 10 Best Portable AC in India

Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell MN10CESWW the environmentally friendly Honeywell MN10CESWW movable air conditioner cools equal to 400 square feet. This Honeywell air conditioner involves a three-in-one scheme of cooling, de-humidification, and fan choice. LED controls plus a programmable timer create using the unit easy plus convenient, plus a influential airflow of 174 CFM keeps air circulating.

Newair AC12000E Portable Air Conditioner

Newair AC12000E Portable Air Conditioner

Newair AC12000E is nothing but a 12,000 BTU air conditioner which chills equal to 425 square feet of room. It is multi functional plus utilizes a competent auto evaporative technology which decreases electricity costs. For persons who live in humid environments, its dehumidifier is moreover successful, whereas its high-performance pollutant plus odor filters are washable plus consumable. Its 24 hour timer is programmable. Its dense plus portable design also works fine in all homes, whereas its ergonomic wheel is well-designed.

Midea AKP-08CR4 AK 8k BTU Portable AC Reviews

Midea AKP-08CR4 AK 8k BTU Portable AC

For all the people who want to have the convenience of taking their air conditioner to the room in which they want to rest, this portable AC from Midea is going to serve them in the best possible manner with its amazing transportability. It offers you the amazing cooling since this 8000 BTU Portable AC comprises a full-utility remote control to change the settings to the desired one. There isn’t any requirement to expense power for suitability since this portable AC is capable of cooling bigger rooms or workplaces equal to 350 square feet owing to its 8,000 BTUs of cooling dominance.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers 8000 BTUs of cooling power for a soothing experience
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of electricity like customary air cons
  • Restarts automatically in case of a power cut or power failure
  • Appropriate to cool even the larger spaces with an area of 350 sq. ft.
  • The self-evaporative system helps in getting rid of the humidity

Heat Controller PS81B CA 8000 BTU Portable Room Ac Reviews

Heat Controller PS81B CA 8000 BTU Portable Room Ac

There are plenty of people who would like to experience quality cooling even if they have a really large room or workplace. For such people, we have this top-class 10,000 BTU Portable AC is ultimate for the rooms that have an area of about 400-450 square feet that necessitate momentary cooling, or which might not be able to provide accommodations for any window-mount AC. This portable air conditioner further has a design that is going to supply top-notch transportability and scalability so that you get supreme tractability and cooling performance.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Delivers 10000 BTUs of cooling power for incredible performance
  • Appropriate for rooms and offices having an area of 450 square feet
  • Comes with a compact design hence fits anywhere you want it to
  • Provides amazing flexibility owing to its portability and remote control
  • Really convenient and easy to use as compared to the customary ACs

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC Reviews

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

If you want to buy a portable air conditioner for your home or office manufactured by a brand that you are really familiar with an amazing cooling performance, this portable AC from Blue Star is going to be the perfect match for you. This all-new Blue star portable AC adapts in line with the varying outdoor climatic settings in an effective manner. It has a pretty exceptional built quality, which has been aesthetically intended to get accommodated in any corner of your space. Further, this AC comes enabled with both cool and hot mode; you might as well revel in the winter season and the summer season, within your space and anywhere you feel comfortable.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of an anti-freeze thermostat for added convenience
  • Comes with the hydrophilic blue evaporator fins for max comfort
  • Offers a unique compressor jacket to diminish the unwanted noise
  • Equipped with a bluefin copper condenser for long-lasting working
  • Provides the feather touch electronic panel and a remote control

Paradis Mobile Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Paradis Mobile Portable Air Conditioner

Want a portable air conditioner for your home which could suit the weather conditions in India? Here we have come up with this top-class portable AC, which has been particularly intended for the Tropical Indian Settings and a dominant 3 meters of air delivery or throw. In addition, this portable air conditioner might as well be utilized indoors as well as outdoors. This air conditioner comes equipped with wheels so that you may easily transport it from one place to the other. Additionally, this conditioner might as well serve the purpose of spot cooling at the outdoor events or parties.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Works appropriately in outdoor as well as indoor spaces
  • Comprises of a do-it-yourself installation kit for easy setup
  • Comes equipped with the wheels to facilitate easier movement
  • An appropriate air conditioner for Tropical Indian Environment
  • Easily fits in anywhere inside your house owing to the compact design

Benefits of Portable AC

A lot of us hesitate to invest in a new appliance. The doubt is valid as you might feel, “why should I invest in a portable AC when I can go for a window AC or split AC?” Hence, to clear away the doubts, here is why you should buy a portable AC instead of the traditional one. 

1. No Restrictions

As the name suggests, unlike wall-mounted ACs, you can quickly shift portable ACs anywhere in your home or office. Furthermore, this also means that you now have the flexibility to cool any room with just one AC, making the appliance cost-effective and user-centric. 

2. Perfect for Small Spaces 

Small spaces are common among millennials and gen-Z. Whether you consider the small offices or studio apartments, a portable AC is a perfect fit for such a small space. 

A portable AC is very efficient unlike the central AC or wall-mounted ones. They are area-specific. Furthermore, elements such as natural light and windows are essential in small spaces. When you use a window AC, it takes up most of the window space, but that’s not the case with the portable AC. Therefore, it’s an effective solution for small spaces. 

3. Cost-effective 

We mentioned portable AC is cost-effective in the previous section. Let’s discuss this in detail to understand how economical a portable air conditioner is compared to the traditional ones. 

Portable AC provides you with the flexibility of cooling rooms based on your choice. Unlike the central AC, which is more expensive, consumes heavy electricity to cool down the entire house, which might be unnecessary if the spaces are not in use. 

Furthermore, a portable AC will also allow you to save the heavy electric bills that Indians face in Summers and provide you with efficient cooling. Hence, on the one hand, you’re saving money on the bills. On the other hand, you’re enjoying the effective cooling from your portable air conditioner. 

4. For the travellers 

A lot of millennials enjoy travelling, and caravans are becoming a new thing. While these trailers do come up with in-built ACs, most of them are unreliable, especially to beat India’s summers. For such situations, portable AC can be the perfect choice as it offers the best cooling within small spaces. 

5. Multipurpose

We have discussed in length how portable AC provides excellent cooling, but it efficiently dehumidifies the air, which allows you to have a cool and dry space. This is essential, especially for those who suffer from allergies. Furthermore, high humidity in your room can be as discomforting and irritating as the heat. Hence, for people living in countries like India, which have high humidity, Portable AC can be the perfect option for you to cool your room and keep it dry effectively.

What is Portable Air Conditioner?

The portable air conditioner is an AC which has a self-contained portable system. It is a nice alternative to window units and is ideal for cooling single rooms. No need to drill your home’s wall as they lie on the floor and come with an installation kit for quick set up. Most compact ACs have three operational modes: air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier. They also have wheels so you can move them to different rooms. So, now you know about this movable AC, let’s fight the summer heat with the Portable Air Conditioner and enjoy the summer.

How to Choose a Portable AC

Portable ACs or PACs are the best cooling solution for spaces that are too small and narrow to accommodate a window-mounted version. Some common places in the house where these machines are used are workshops, sun rooms, garages, and other rooms that can be negatively affected without proper ventilation and circulation.

If you are planning to get one, you should make it a point to find the best portable air conditioner for your needs. There are several factors that you should consider when doing this, and it can all get a bit technical for the average Joe to understand. Don’t worry–we’ve put together a quick guide.  Here are the big points to consider when you’re shopping for your new portable air conditioner:

1. The Amount of Power You Need

The proper power rating for the area or room you want to install the PAC on is a very important factor to consider:

If your machine is underpowered, you won’t see the cooling effect that you were expecting, especially in hot, humid summers. If your unit is overpowered, you might have trouble finding a comfortable setting.

The first thing to do is to establish the square footage of the space you’re trying to cool down. Remember that if you’re cooling a room that’s connected to another room, you should consider both of them when you’re totaling up the measurements. We’ve put together a chart of rough floor space to BTU ratios at the top of this page.

Experts also recommend that you consider the insulation and floor plan of the room where you want the unit installed in order for you to determine the proper BTU or British Thermal Unit rating that you need. If you don’t take insulation and other dynamics like air flow or ventilation, there is always the chance that you will end up with excess condensation in your room. Know how high the ceilings are compared to the standard 8 ft. height, and be sure to take any big discrepancies into account. If your ceilings are higher than average, you’ll want to round up your space/BTU requirements proportionally. For lower ceilings, simply do the reverse.

One other big consideration when you’re thinking about the appropriate BTU rating for your space is whether the unit in question is a single or dual hose portable air conditioner. If you’re looking at a single-hose unit, you’ll want to make some modifications to our chart. That’s because most of those ratings are tested to apply only to wall units, which have two ports for cycling air.

Smaller portable A/C units like the EdgeStar are often “single-hose” designs. That allows them to be smaller an more convenient to set up in your window. However, it does make them more inefficient. If you’re looking at a single-hose unit, you’ll want to add another 50% to the recommended power rating, to compensate for the lack of efficiency.

Finally, BTU guidelines can sometimes vary depending on the manufacturer of the AC unit, so you’ll want to take them with a grain of salt. We’ve used mean ratings in our chart, to help you get a rough sense of the market as a whole.

Always round on the conservative side. That means it’s better to have a slightly overpowered unit than a slightly underpowered unit. If your unit is slightly too powerful, it’ll simply have less work to do. If it’s slightly underpowered, it could burn itself out early by trying to keep up with the load. Don’t take that too far, though, since a really overpowered unit might cool your space too severely.

2. Think About Environmental Factors

In addition to your space measurements as a factor for BTU calculation, outside factors can affect it as well. Depending on these other factors, you’ll probably have to make some adjustments when considering the BTU that you need:

Again, when you’re doing so, make sure you always round up and err on the side of a bit too much power. You might not need every single BTU every day, but that extra power can really come in handy during a heatwave or a humid streak.

Generally, you’ll want to think about a few key factors:

First, think about sunlight, especially during the middle of the day. For example, if your room is heavily shaded, it is suggested that you reduce your BTU capacity by 10%. If the room is on a part of the house that always receives sunlight, however, then you have to increase it by 10%.

The number of people that will occupy the room is another consideration. You have to add 600 BTU for each additional person beyond two who will occupy the room. That’s due to body heat, as well as the CO2 each person breathes out, which warms the room even more.

Finally, make sure you think about air flow in your house. If you’re cooling a room that’s shut off most of the time, you can get away with a lower power rating. However, if there’s a fair amount of air circulating between the cooled room and the next space, you probably want more power.

3. The Type of Controls that You Need

The controls that you prefer are the next factor that you have to consider. You can choose to have PACs which can be controlled by louvers and remote controls. Then there are also units with a manual control type which are easier to operate. Many newer units also have smart features to save you energy, and make the whole process more convenient. We like models that automatically restart the cooling process at your preferred settings after a power outage. Another great feature is a timer, so you can tell the machine when specifically you need to cool the room down, and when it can shut off and save you electricity.

The more you pay for your unit, the more you’ll get in terms of convenience and automatic controls. To decide on your budget, think about how often you’ll want to adjust the machine, and how many different temperature settings you’ll assign. For instance, most of us won’t run the a/c quite so much while we’re not at home, so you’ll have one temp for the hours you’re home, and another for the hours you’re at work. On the other hand, if you have pets to think about, you may simply want to pick one temperature and leave it.

4. Other Features to Consider

In addition to all the other factors mentioned, it’s important to think about the long term. Consider the amount of time you are planning to keep the air conditioner on, and the quality of the customer service that the manufacturer provides. If you’re going to run it most of the year, in a warmer spot, you don’t want to skimp on durability or reliability. If you’re only going to need your unit for a couple killer weeks in the summer, you don’t need to worry too much about finding the most rugged machine on the market.

Noise levels are also very important. If you are planning to install the air conditioner in your work area or bedroom, you have to gauge to the amount of noise it produces. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuck with a unit that is too noisy. Think about where your machine will be set up, and where you’ll be while it’s running.

Pro tip: Look for models with several fan settings, so you can find the right balance between power and noise!

Are portable AC units worth buying in India?

We know Split A/C and Window A/C systems. While they are popular and efficient, they do have some disadvantages. Very recently I learnt about the availability of Portable AC Units (sometimes referred to as Tower AC also). I was curious to find out if they are worth buying. This post details my findings. Below is a quick comparison of conventional Air conditioning (Window/Split) vs portable air conditioning units.

Window/Split AC
1 More powerful
2 More models and options available
 1 Can’t be moved. Needs one per room minimum- for small families with one or two people, who spend few hours in living room and few more in bed room, two AC means double the expense, without full usage.   2 Needs installation effort Not convenient in rented houses or those who need to keep moving cities frequently
Portable AC
1 Movable units- easy to change direction or move around on need basis   2 No installation expenses 3 Serves the purpose of cooling a bit to some extent  1 Can’t cool medium/big rooms. Portable A/Cs are efficient only in small rooms- around 10ft by 10ft.
2 Not truely portable. They have a big hot air duct that needs to be connected to window
3 No Resale value
4. Major Consumer goods brands like LG, Samsung etc are not offering portable AC. Only few lesser known brands.
5. Star ratings not available as in conventional ones. Power consumption could be higher

When I tried investigating a bit more about Portable Air conditioning systems, AMFAH brand came up prominently on the net. Below are some pics and first hand observation notes from my visit.

AMFAH 1 ton portable AC costs about INR 35000. It comes with 3 year warranty for compressor and 1 year for whole unit. Min temperature setting possible was 18 degree C, not 16 as in many conventional ACs. As I went inside, the staff opened a new unit, connected it to power socket and switched it on. Cool air started coming out of it, but unless I keep my arm closer to the vent, I couldn’t feel it. Of course we were in a room too big for the capabilities of this AC. In small rooms it could be more effective. Compressor needs 3 minutes to turn on- I am told.

Connecting this pipe to window is tricky. There is an apparatus provided in the box, which helps fix the pipe to the window. But this apparatus is meant for sliding type windows, which are common in western countries. In India most windows open in a flip style, where this apparatus will not be of much use.

Surprisingly, popular AC makers like LG, Samsung etc are not selling portable ACs in India. (LG sells portable ACs in USA). Either they realize that portable ACs can’t be effective in India and selling them could prove to be counter productive as customers realize their limitations, OR they feel portable ACs may cannibalize their main business- window and split ACs.

There seems to be no resale market for portable ACs either. Sites like OLX have near zero listing of Portable ACs- few existing listings seem to be from recent buyers who’ve realized the limitation of portable AC after buying it and want to get rid of it.

Apart from AMFAH, Llyod seem to be another brand selling portable ACs in India. Lloyd’s model is cheaper by 10k compared to AMFAH, with similar specs. Snapdeal had this product listed for about 25k. The user reviews are mixed- few suggesting it is total waste of money, while few saying it is fine for small rooms. Another lesser known site is selling the same for 2k less- Check this.

Portable Air Conditioners Buyer’s Guide

The Portable ACs allows you to appropriately cool down a room devoid of any difficult installation procedure. You must go through this buying guide to discover the one that is going to assist you in making your home really comfortable and relaxing.

Portable Air Conditioners – Advantages

These appliances suck in the air inside the room, makes it cool, and guides it back inside your room, expelling the hot air outside by means of an exhaust pipe that you need to install in a window. The controls that have been provided on the unit offer you the ability to regulate the settings like the fan speed or the temperature.

The Portable Air Conditioner is a humble yet multipurpose alternative to those central air conditioners as well as the window ACs. Intended to cool down any single room, it’s comparatively stress-free to install and might be a nice option for all those rooms without any standing cooling system or the rooms you don’t require cooling constantly. It might further supplement the bigger systems and assist in cooling the studio apartment or rentals where you’re incapable of setting up those permanent units.

Relaxed installation and the portability offered by the compact design as well as the wheels permit you to carry the AC from any room to the other and reinstall it without much of an effort.

Selecting the Correct Portable Air Conditioner

The precise and the best air conditioner allow you to cool down a room in a really effective manner. An undersized model might not be able to cool pretty effectively whilst the one which is really large is not going to eradicate a lot of humidity, which might make the air feel damp. To discover an appropriate portable air conditioner, calculate the entire area of the room which you require cooling. You further require knowing the BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating of the AC, which specifies the quantity of heat it might be able to eliminate out of the room. A higher BTU signifies enhanced cooling performance for a bigger space or room. For reference we have provided a chart below with the room size together with the appropriate BTU rating:

  • Up to 450 sq ft: look for a 13,000-BTU unit
  • Up to 400 sq ft: look for a 12,000-BTU unit
  • Up to 300 sq ft: look for a 10,000-BTU unit
  • Up to 200 sq ft: look for an 8,000-BTU unit

You must always bear in mind that with an increase in the BTU rating, the weight, as well as the size of the air conditioner, get increased.

Features of Portable Air Conditioners

You might be capable of finding an air conditioner comprising of several functions apart from just the mere cooling function. The dehumidifier mode eliminates the moisture present in the air deprived of cooling. The fan feature just makes the air circulate evenly inside the room. A few portable ACs offer the heating feature, permitting you to hold onto a comfortable temperature all throughout the year. Ensure that you organize the unit for every single mode that it has on offer. For an instance, the cooling mode needs a hot air exhaust, whilst the dehumidifier feature needs the contact with a drain to eliminate the moisture that the unit amasses. In case the portable air conditioner comprises a heating function, the heating unit is going to possess a distinct BTU rating, signifying that the room size that it is suitable for might be separate.

Some additional features provided by a Portable Air Conditioner are:

  • Since the air conditioner cools down the air present in the room, it further eliminates the moisture. The water gets collected inside the unit in a chamber. The self-evaporating ACs diminishes the requirement draining this water out.
  • An automatic timer allows you to set the switch off and on time for the AC at precise times, which assists you in reducing the consumption of energy since the AC operates for a definite time period only.
  • The availability of a remote control further enhances the user experience — you can also regulate the settings and turn off or on your air conditioner from anywhere inside the room.
  • A lamp-off function allows you to turn the panel display lights off so that they don’t turn the room awkwardly bright at the nighttime.

Maintenance & Setup

You must choose a position adjacent to any window and should have a power outlet nearby. Make a note that the producer might state that you need to plug the device straight into the power outlet without making use of an extension cord. The setup process is comparatively quick as well as stress-free and must require only a screwdriver to get it done. You should install the ACs adaptable window panel and attach the exhaust pipe or tube. Permit the unit to stand in an upright position for nearly an hour and it’s all set to function.

  • The Portable ACs needs have a really simple maintenance. Note that you must disconnect the AC from power outlet prior to beginning the maintenance process.
  • Then you need to drain the water out of the unit if required. Relying on the conditions, also those self-evaporating portable air conditioners might require draining.
  • Further, you must wash its air filter within a time period of 2 weeks or as the manufacturer has stated in the user manual or guide.

The user must also wipe down the AC on a regular basis using a damp cloth to eliminate the accumulated dust. Also, wipe down the surplus moisture using any dried cloth.

Buy a Portable air conditioner online in India

Buy a Portable air conditioner online in India at the lowest price and keep yourself away from the scorching heat and humidity. They are available on all the online shopping websites, and the Portable ACs price in India varies from store to store. But before buying online, make sure that you have checked the above list, which fetches you the best price and availability across all sites. You can also visit the individual product pages and check their specifications and reviews in detail and compare the price across various sellers. The product pages also list all the offers like additional discounts and cashbacks from different shopping websites. Prefer online shopping as you can buy a portable mini air conditioner for the room at the cheapest price from the comforts of your home.

How Do We Pick the Products on Our List?

Picking the right product among so many available choices can be a tricky job. But with in-depth research and knowledge, you can easily pick up the right portable AC for yourself. 

Here are our criteria for selecting the right product – 

1. Specifications & Features

We discussed many modern technologies and features used in portable air conditioners. Remember the Hydrophilic golden evaporator fins, refrigerant R410A, or the silver filter? Knowing about these features is essential while selecting the product. Notably, it is also imperative to keep in mind that these features and specifications should be user-friendly so that you can use them with minimal effort. 

2. Customer Reviews

We know the importance of experience and therefore take the reviews very seriously. It is also essential to understand that you should only consider the “verified buyers” to be fair with your assessment of the product. 

3. Complaints

Complaints are a vital factor that helps us understand the efficiency of the portable AC. The lesser the complaints, the better is the product. 

4. Warranty

It is not surprising for an electrical appliance to face an issue. Having said that, it should also not put a hole in our pocket for repairing the portable AC when you have already paid a significant amount while purchasing the product. Therefore, warranties are crucial to reducing the financial strain.

5. Pricing

There is no doubt that air conditioners are expensive. But we believe that the price you pay should have an equal return in the form of the product you buy. Hence, we make sure that the appliances we recommend score high in the “value for money” section. 

6. Service Quality

Ultimately, post-sales services are essential for the smooth functioning of the product. Hence, it also plays a vital role in our selection of the ideal portable room air conditioner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best portable AC in India for a large room?

While portable air conditioners are specifically designed for small spaces, the Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC is ideal for a comparatively large space as it can effectively cool down spaces measuring 170 square feet.

Which is the best portable AC in India under 30000?

You can buy either Blue Star 1 ton Portable AC or the Midea 1 ton portable AC under ₹ 30k.

Does all Portable AC require a hose to function?

As of now, there are no portable air conditioners that function without a hose


Portable AC is not a replacement for window/split AC. Where possible one should go for these conventional Air conditioning units. Portable ACs may work for small rooms and can be considered when there’re some challenges to buying/installing conventional AC units.

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