Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens under 10000

On the off chance that you are searching for a strong microwave estimated under 10000 rupees, the choices you have are plentiful. The greater part of the well known electric brands have some strong choices in this value portion, and we have thought of a rundown of the best microwaves under 10000 rupees. The limit offered by the models in this value range ought to be adequate for lone rangers, couples and even family units.

The list we have compiled has a fine mix of both convection and grill microwave ovens, and each model comes with its own set of convenience and performance-oriented features. The list also has a feature-rich Solo microwave oven from brand Samsung. The selection can be made based on your specific requirements. This list of the best microwave ovens under 10000 rupees we have come up with also includes a Morphy Richards model slightly priced above 10000 rupees.

Solo Microwave Ovens: They let you heat, cook & defrost food, but you cannot grill or bake food in them.

Grill Microwave Ovens: They let you heat, cook, defrost & grill food, but you cannot bake food in them.

Convection Microwave Ovens: They let you heat, cook, defrost, bake & grill food. They are also called combination microwave ovens.

Check out this list of 10 best microwave ovens under 10000.

LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (MS2043DB, Black)
  • 20L Capacity: Suitable for bachelors & small families
  • Solo: Can be used for reheating, defrosting and cooking, Microwave Frequency(MHZ): 2450
  • Warranty : 1 year comprehensive warranty on product
  • Brand does NOT provide starter kit with this product
  • Control: Touch Key Pad (Membrane) is sensitive to touch and easy to clean

Here are the Best Microwave Ovens under 10000 Rs in India:

Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave

Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven is one of the renowned brands when it comes to any appliances this brand offers. They are known for the value they provide to the users. This smart oven toaster from Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven has 4.1 star ratings on Amazon. Consumer report that this toaster oven is durable and performs just as well if not better than outdated ovens.

Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven


  • Grill: Can be used for grilling along with reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Control: Tactile buttons to set the temperature/timer and Jog Dials that are simple to use with a long life
  • Child lock – If you have kids at your home, having a microwave with child safety lock feature is essential. An electrical lock (such as a code) prevents children from accidentally operating the oven
  • Auto Cook – Choose from different Auto Cook menus without any fuss. This feature allows you to preset the desired temperature and timing as per the cooking requirement and set them manually
  • Power Levels – Choose between 5 different power levels to cook as per your need.This feature allows you to control the temperature as per the cooking requirement
  • 20L Capacity : Suitable for bachelors and small families.

Prestige POTG 19 PCR 1380-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Prestige oven toaster griller comes with advanced feature that let you prepare delicious pizzas, oil free rotis and parathas, bake cakes, grill vegetables and meat to perfection. No doubt, it is a prefect accessory for your contemporary kitchen.

Prestige POTG 19 PCR 1380-Watt Oven Toaster Grill


  • It comes with Temperature control and Timer
  • It is powered by 1380 W
  • Capacity: 19 litres, Suitable for 2-3 people
  • Cooking capability: Baking, Grilling, toasting.

Morphy Richards 28 RSS 28-Litre Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Grill

Discover a delicious and healthier way of cooking with this Morphy Richards (28 Litre) Oven Toaster Griller. Load your favourite vegetables onto the non-stick baking tray, without having to add oil. Slide a chicken or a joint of meat onto the motorized rotisserie for grilling. Or toast large bread slices for making your favourite bruschetta. That’s not all. You can grill tikka style Indian starters and vegetables on skewers, and bake your own pizzas, bread, cakes, cookies, and crackers too.

Morphy Richards Oven


  • Capacity: 28 litres, Suitable for 4-5 people
  • It is powered by 1600W
  • Cooking capability: Baking, Grilling, toasting
  • Includes Oven toaster grill, Baking tray, Crumb tray, Rotisserie rod set, Rotisserie tong, Wire rack, Skewer rod, Tong.

Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

Enabled with advanced technology, Samsung Microwaves are available in three main types as per their functionality- Convection, Grill and Solo microwave. All the models are appropriate to satiate your cooking needs at a reasonable price in India. Get ready to recreate your favourite restaurant dish at the convenience of your home by choosing the one that fits budget while matching your kitchen interiors and enjoy online shopping experience on our e-shop.

Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven


  • 21L Capacity: Suitable for bachelors & small families
  • Convection: Can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Brand does NOT provide starter kit with this product
  • Control Type: Touch Key Pad (Membrane) is sensitive to touch and easy to clean

American Micronic 36 Liters Imported Oven Toaster Griller – AMI-OTG-36LDx (220V AC, 2000W)         

Prepare delicious new menus at the convenience of your home. Bake soft breads and delicious cakes, toast oil-free pappads and rotis, grill vegetables and meats to perfection. American Micronic Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) can be used to cook or heat food items quickly and efficiently. It has a capacity of 36 litres and powerful heater of 2000 watts. The 0-120 minutes timer function automatically stops heating once the operation is complete. It allows you to bake food items very easily. The American Micronic OTG has a double glass door so that you can easily see the food while being processed. It is easy to clean and durable. It comes with a wire rack, baking tray in the package.

American Micronic 36 Liters


  • Oven Toaster Griller ( OTG ) with motorized Rotisserie and convection, Six heating elements i.e.: One 400W element at front on top and bottom and 2 x 300W heating elements at Rear on top and bottom
  • 36 Litres Capacity with two thermostats for independent variable temperature control for upper and lower heating elements
  • The product comes with Baking Tray, Crumb Tray, Wire Rack, and Instruction Manual

Wonderchef Oven Toaster Grill OTG 19L 

With Wonderchef toaster stove heat delicate bread and delightful cakes, toast, barbecue vegetables, meats and do as such considerably more. Open your advanced kitchen to another universe of snappy, simple and keen cooking.

Wonderchef toaster stove


  • Temperature control upto 250°C
  • Auto-shut off timer function with ready bell.
  • Heat-resistant tempered glass window.

Singer MaxiGrill Oven Toaster Griller – 23 Litre with RC

This Singer Maxigrill Oven Toaster Grill 23 Ltr is solid and can be an incredible expansion to your cutting edge kitchen and keep on getting a charge out of nourishment more than ever. With all the immense highlights this toaster is a standout amongst other toaster stoves in the market.

Singer MaxiGrill Oven Toaster Griller


  • It comes with motorized Rotisserie & Convection Function
  • It comes with enameled Baking Tray, Wire Rack, and Tong
  • It has power on indicator, Broad & Sturdy Feet

Before continuing towards the list need to understand the difference between microwave oven and OTG as both are different and taken as one by the consumers. OTG is different from microwave oven as it can be used to do grill, bake and toast. OTG is perfect for preparing large meals. So if you have a large family and loves to get together with loads of food than OTG is the perfect buy as OTG is spacious and can cook large amount of food at one go. only.


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