Top 10 Best Mini Refrigerator To Buy Online In India 2019


Top 10 Best Mini Refrigerator To Buy Online In India: Refrigerators in India are a must for every household seeing the heat the country gets. If you’re a bachelor, a guest in a hotel or hostels or if you have a family of up to three, you’ve probably seen and used a mini refrigerator to keep drinks cold and food safe. Beverage bottles tend to occupy too much space inside your fridge which ultimately occupies space for regular supplies too. Therefore, for such usage and requirements, a mini fridge would be perfect to buy.

Refrigerators are obviously used to keep food fresh and crispy. Mini compact refrigerators are ideal for small places like a garage, man cave, bedroom, work areas and give the perfect performance similar to the kitchen refrigerator.

Mini refrigerators are designed with various technologies and offer different features. There are oodles of mini compact refrigerators that are available at different prices; one should buy a refrigerator with positive features to reduce the risk of money loss. Myriad companies offer various warranty periods and a refund to unsatisfied customers. Here are the top 10 Best Mini Compact Refrigerators that performs well.

Top 10 Best Mini Refrigerators in India in 2019

SaleBestseller No. 1
Baiwka 4L Mini Fridge Cooling and Heating(Dual Use), Portable Compact Car Freezer 12V in-Vehicle Refrigerator Quiet for Road Trips, Camping, Picnic - Blue
  • [GO GREEN!]: Baiwka car refrigerator integrates dual functions of cooling and heating by employing semiconductor, without compressor or cryogenno, no watery mess left, environmentally friendly. Ultra quiet...
  • [COOL OR WARM]: Easily switch thermoelectric system from cool to warm with the flip of a switch. You can choose to chill up to 15-20℃ below ambient temperature, or warm up to 65℃. Cold storage in...
  • [4L COMPACT SIZE]: Compact lightweight design, this 6-can small fridge is easy to store between the front seats or on the armrest box, can also be placed on car seats or in the trunk. With convenient...
Bestseller No. 2
Umiwe 4L Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer 12V Car Dormitories Household Portable Silent Fridge(Blue,Pink)
  • Warm and cold, heating snacks, refrigerated beer, red wine, ice cream
  • Ultra-quiet operation, no noise to your environment
  • Two layers of ergonomic design, removable partition for easy placement
Bestseller No. 3
Kitchoff HY50 50 L Aluminium and Glass Direct Cool Standard Single Door Mini Refrigerator (Black)
21 Reviews
Kitchoff HY50 50 L Aluminium and Glass Direct Cool Standard Single Door Mini Refrigerator (Black)
  • Capacity 50 L: Suitable for Bachelors, Home, Office And Hotel Rooms.
  • MATERIAL: Product is made from Aluminium and the door is made from Toughened Glass.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Absorption & Compressor Technology keep your Home and Office Energy Efficient & Environment Friendly
SaleBestseller No. 4
Voltas Mini Magic Pure-R 500-Watt Water Dispenser (White)
125 Reviews
Voltas Mini Magic Pure-R 500-Watt Water Dispenser (White)
  • Hot, normal and cold
  • Heating Capacity: 5 liters/hour
  • Cooling capacity: 2 liters/hour at 10C-13.5C
SaleBestseller No. 5
MGS Mini Refrigerator Portable Fridge 12V 7.5L Auto Mini Car Travel Fridge ABS Multi-Function Cooler Freezer Warmer Cooling & Warming Refrigerator
1 Reviews
Bestseller No. 6
Tropicool PC05W PC-05 Portable Chiller Cum Warmer (White)
168 Reviews
Tropicool PC05W PC-05 Portable Chiller Cum Warmer (White)
  • Capacity: 5 liters
  • No compressor peltier cooling
  • Temperature Range: 3 degree celsius to 60 degree celsius
SaleBestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8
Peedeu Mini Fridge for Car, 4 Litre Small Refrigerator Cooler& Warmer,Mini Freezer with Ultra Quiet Low Noise for Travel
  • Environmentally: Adopts a new method cooling by the electronic chip, no need to refill the ice packs, no watery mess left, environmentally friendly. Ultra-quiet and super energy-saving.
  • Cooler & Warmer: Integrates refrigerating and heating function. This large capacity storage container can heat & warm or cool & chill food & drink. The temperature range is 7 to 60 Celsius Degrees.
  • Car Use Refrigerator: DC power cord is included for car use. Perfectly use it to store food, drinks, beer, snacks, breast milk, skincare products and more. Suitable for ourdoor activities, travel, camping,...
SaleBestseller No. 9
Portable Mini Can-Shaped Fridge for Home (11 L, Red)
1 Reviews
Portable Mini Can-Shaped Fridge for Home (11 L, Red)
  • Color: Red
  • It is 11-L Capacity Holds Up to Eight 12-oz. Cans
  • Thermoelectric Technology
SaleBestseller No. 10
JecrinaTM️ Mini Fridge for Bedroom | Car | Home | Office | Boat Portable Fridge 12V 7.5L Cooling & Warming Refrigerator - HOT SUMMER SALE
1 Reviews
JecrinaTM️ Mini Fridge for Bedroom | Car | Home | Office | Boat Portable Fridge 12V 7.5L Cooling & Warming Refrigerator - HOT SUMMER SALE
  • A perfect item for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time driving and gets hungry and thirsty on the road
  • Mini Fridge for Bedroom | Car | Home | Office | Boat Portable Fridge 12V 7.5L Cooling & Warming Refrigerator - HOT SUMMER SALE
  • The cooler and warmer car fridge is energy saving and eco-friendly, semiconductor refrigeration system, non-pollution, long life, low noise and consumption

Top 10 Mini Fridge to Buy in 2019 India

Here you can look at the top 10 best mini fridge to buy in 2019 list based on price, quality and performance. Check the compact refrigerator with best selling models and top-rated reviews that suits for offices, home. You may have many doubts about which mini refrigerator to buy, what amount of cooling small fridge provides? and what is the range of price?. We clear all your doubts regarding best small refrigerator 2019 list as hours of research is made in finding the top 10 refrigerator mini India. Amazon mini fridge price is considerably low for all brands like LG fridge, Samsung, Whirlpool fridge and Haier. Most of the mini refrigerators are very small in size for providing more space in the bedroom or the kitchen with more elegant looks.

Many stores in India offers outstanding discounts online for mini refrigerator price. Very compact in size every small fridge suits for even small rooms for preserving food, drinks without losing the freshness. Top rated 2019 list of best mini fridges reviews with total specs, pictures, features are provided here with links to purchase from top sellers. From hundreds of best small refrigerator models, top list is available below with a complete description. Special price for top 10 mini refrigerators 2019 is possible on big deal days of Amazon or Flipkart shopping sites. Capacity of best selling compact refrigerators utilizes less energy per month for immense efficiency.

Top Rated Best Mini Refrigerator List Online Reviews

Find the most popular small fridge India from top sellers which has refrigerator and freezer compartment. Best mini fridge 2019 fits in the small spaces and works for many years with lowest price tag. Most popular 10 small refrigerators ranging from cheap cost are included with best reviews. Energy consumption of mini refrigerator single door is less compared to the normal full size model. The top list of compact refrigerator are included below with premier features.

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Everyone has their own refrigeration need and requirements, owing to which they buy a refrigerator, which is capable of holding the number of supplies that they want to store. There are situations in which the beverage bottles tend to take a whole lot of space inside your fridge, which occupies the space for regular supplies as well. Therefore, for such occasions and usage requirements, a mini fridge or refrigerator would be perfect to buy. You may allocate all the beverage cans, bottles, or other inside this mini fridge and make space for the normal food supplies on the bigger refrigerator.

There are a lot of options for mini fridges available on the market and choosing one out of those might be difficult for the people who want to buy one. Thus, we have lined up 5 Best Mini Fridges, so that you may come to a decision more easily as compared to when you hit the offline market to purchase one. With the capabilities like steel framing, door-lock, defrosting, deodorizing filter, toughened glass shelves, and fast freeze, the mini fridges on our listing are going to provide you with the best performance.

Best Mini Compact Fridge Reviews

LG 45 L Direct-cool Refrigerator

LG 45 L Direct-cool Refrigerator

buy on amazonThis mini refrigerator from LG has been designed to provide you the freshest and most appropriate capability. This little bar fridge has the capability to enhance the grace of the rooms in hotels with its superb metal framing. This mini compact refrigerator has the ability to provide you the best and the most optimal refrigeration and might even stock little items such as the bottles, small tetra-packs, beer cans, fruits, and medications.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of a 45-liters of capacity for storing drinks and beverages
  • Covered with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product
  • Made up of stainless steel material for long life and durability
  • Offers you with a door-lock operation to keep the children away
  • Provides you with a powerful cooling technology along with an ice tray

Electrolux 47 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Electrolux 47 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

buy on amazon

Electrolux is a brand that is recognized all over the world for the quality and variety of home and kitchen appliances. The variety of refrigerators that it has on the market is pretty wide and high-quality. This mini single door refrigerator from Electrolux provides you the best and fastest freezing utility along with the cool pack that delays the rise in temperature during long power cuts. The toughened glass shelves further have the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers a 47-liters of storage capacity which is suitable for bachelors
  • Comes with the appearance that matches any sort of settings or space
  • Provides you with the fast freeze feature that chills the beverages quickly
  • Comprises of toughened glass shelves to hold the bigger bottles of juice
  • The special deodorizing filter keeps those bad odors out of your refrigerator

Videocon 47 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Videocon 47 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

buy on amazon

In case you searching a mini compact fridge which is very inexpensive then you must go for this Videocon mini fridge. It comprises of 47 liters capacity and stunning silver hairline color. Additionally, it comprises of an extruded supporter for the bottles along with an anti-bacterial door lining which may also be removed when you don’t want it. It also doesn’t necessitate any sort of stabilizer to work. The dimensions of this mini fridge are also perfect to use it as a mini bar.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comes with the elegant silver hairline color to enhance the look of your kitchen
  • Offers an anti-bacterial door gasket to evade any generation of microbes
  • Comprises of elegant and eye-catching opaque interior for storage
  • Doesn’t need a stabilizer to operate and saves a lot of electricity
  • Provides the perfect dimensions so as to use this as a mini bar at home

Haier 62 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 62 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

buy on amazon

This mini compact fridge from Haier is high-quality and comprise of many amazing features. The capacity that this offers is 62 Liters that is ample space for storing the small cans, bottles, and fruits inside.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of a sufficient 62-liters of storage capacity for beverages
  • Covered with a 5-years warranty on the compressor and 1-year on the product
  • Offers an anti-fungal removable gasket to diminish the microbial growth
  • Provides you with the mechanical control system for precise fridge settings
  • Comes with a clean back for providing premium looks as well as style

Videocon 80 L Direct-cool Refrigerator

Videocon 80 L Direct-cool Refrigerator

buy on amazon

Videocon offers a pretty nice range of small and compact mini fridges that offer nice features along with quality freezing. This direct cool refrigerator from Videocon comprises of an ample 80 liters capacity. Additionally, it comprises of an anti-bacterial door gasket that may also be removed when you don’t require using it. It also comprises of a recessed in-built handle along with a door lock so no one is able to take your things out without your permission.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers you with plenty of nice features for optimum freezing quality
  • Comprises of an 80-liters storage capacity for storing beverages and drinks
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial door gasket that might also be removed
  • Offers a recessed inbuilt handle along with the door lock to keep kids away
  • Comfortably matches all kinds of kitchen interiors or room interiors

What to Look for in a Mini Fridge

While mini fridges have compactness in common, they come in different sizes and have different storage priorities and varying features that that you’ll want to pay attention to. Here are the key features to look for when you’re choosing the right mini fridge for you:

While all mini fridges are smaller than regular refrigerators, their size and weight vary. When you’re looking for a small fridge to use in a temporary living space, it is important to get one that is light enough to move from one location to another. This is especially important if you are a traveler who wants to install a portable refrigerator in your vehicle.

Storage Space
Portable fridges come in many sizes, and the available storage space varies from 6 cubic feet to less than 1 cubic foot. Choose one with the capacity for what you intend to put in it and no bigger. If you simply want to keep a few beverage cans cold, then a countertop fridge will do. If you want a variety of food and drinks on hand, you will need a relatively tall freestanding portable fridge to have the space you need.

Not all small refrigerators can attain freezing temperatures. To keep ice and frozen treats on hand, you need a portable fridge with a small freezer compartment or a separate mini freezer. Usually, the freezers found in mini fridges are too small for anything beyond a pint of ice cream, an ice tray and a couple popsicles. Often, they are not cold enough to freeze food and drinks that are not already frozen.

Cooling Systems 
Most small refrigerators employ a compressor-powered cooling system. Some run on a thermoelectric system that is quieter than a compressor but less efficient. Generally, however, the cooling system in mini fridges is much quieter than that of a traditional refrigerator since it has less space to cool. Regardless of the type of cooling system, you will want to place the fridge at least an inch from the wall to allow for venting.

Power Consumption
Small refrigerators consume less power than big ones. However, power consumption varies from one mini fridge to another. An energy-efficient portable fridge has features to let it save on power without sapping it of the power it needs to properly cool your food.

With their portable designs, compact refrigerators can be placed where regular refrigerators cannot, and they offer a convenient way to keep food and drinks cool and fresh in places like a dorm room, office or RV. Mini fridges come in different sizes and have different storage priorities. Some are designed to cool drinks exclusively while others cool all kinds of food and beverages. Whether you want to take one on a road trip or keep one in your bedroom, just make sure to get the right one for your needs.

Other Important Factors When Looking at Mini Fridges

Other important variables – aside from price, of course – include whether the refrigerator has solid or wire racks (the former are easy to clean), its interior configuration (including whether the shelves are adjustable), whether there are dedicated compartments or special areas in the door for soda cans and water bottles, the overall look of the appliance and how much noise it makes. One consideration that’s often overlooked: some mini fridges require empty space around them so excess heat can be dissipated. Those models won’t be appropriate if you’re planning to squeeze your fridge into an enclosed space or under a counter.

Best Mini Refrigerator Buyer’s Guide

A mini fridge is known to be the kind of fridge that offers the capacity of near about 5.5 cubic feet. This is a small refrigerator that offers sufficient room to house the small items. The mini fridges are recognized for their resolution, and which is to stock the foods and drinks that might not fit the bigger refrigerator that you bought for your house. Several of the capabilities provided by the bigger fridge might as well be found in the mini fridge or refrigerator.

Mini Refrigerator – Types

There are numerous refrigerators that have been provided on the market as of now and there are several models that are proficient at storing tons of supplies to stock. Here are a few of the types of mini fridges that might further be discovered on the market.

Cube Fridges

This is the utmost frequently utilized mini fridge for the purpose of being portable as associated with other mini-refrigerators. It is one of the mini-refrigerators that is low-priced that is obtainable on the market both online or offline. Additional models, up-to-date models to be precise are further energy effectual as compared to the outdated units of the cube fridge.

Mid-Size Mini Fridge

This kind of fridge is a really bigger unit as compared to the cube fridge. It comprises of the bigger freezer section and several shelves, for the user’s desire to stock more food supplies.

Counter High Compact Fridge

This kind of mini fridge offers the same height like that of the counter. This is a really energy efficient but really costly in comparison to the remaining mini fridge on the market.

Drinks Mini Fridge

These types of mini refrigerators are solely meant to store the drinks, beverages, and snacks only.

Travel Mini Fridge

While you travel, this mini refrigerator is meant to keep the drinks and foods cool effectively.

What Features Should We Look – For before Buying a Mini Fridge?

In purchasing the best mini refrigerator, there are several features and things that you need to consider while you are purchasing one. It is further suitable in case you know what kind of mini fridge you must buy, according to space where you required it to be positioned and further its capability being a cooler for the beverages, foods, and drinks that you want to stock. Here are a few tips or features that you need to have a look at while you are purchasing a mini fridge:

Opt for Bigger Mini Fridge

As the mini refrigerators consume a lot of electricity that might give rise to increased energy bills in comparison to the bigger refrigerators. The mini fridge consumes additional energy to retain the coolness and remains cool. A bigger mini fridge is further capable of being long-lasting and is recognized for superior performance offering you with steady temperatures for the beverages and foods that you had stored.

2 Door Model for Frozen Food

The mini single door refrigerator provides you with a bigger space for storing the supplies but the section for freezer divide the temperature, for which you need to alter the level of the temperature triggering the freezing action in the entire fridge.

Adaptable Shelves

The mini refrigerators models comprise of shelves, which are adaptable and assists you in taking the supreme advantage while space is considered. If you purchase a model that offers those stable shelves, it might just not match your requirements.


The level of noise that the mini refrigerator generates might be a problem to you, which is reliant on the space where you desire to position it. The refrigerators that are put in your bedroom or the guest rooms should be noiseless so that the guests, as well as you, aren’t disturbed during the sleeping hours.

Compressor or Absorption Powered

These are the primary components that you require looking out for when selecting a mini refrigerator. Several mini fridges are there, which are being provided in the online and offline market that does not offer this type of features and specifications, and also are supremely energy efficient.

Additional Features

Many mini fridges are there, which might be discovered on the market that provides additional features like the automatic defrost, this must not be considered for the detail that it isn’t that long-lasting and they might break down anytime in the near future.


This makes sure that you are going to get the mini fridge covered with a warranty that is essential while you buy any mini fridge. Guarantee that you go through every single detail when considering the repair and return policy.

So, these were the tips that are going to help you in discovering the best mini fridge on the market. Ensure that you search for the looked-for tips provided above to certify that the mini fridge that you choose is appropriate for your room and needs pretty less maintenance.

Top 10 Mini Fridges To Buy Online In India

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