Top 10 Best Mattress In India (2020) For Lower Back Pain

by Aman Kumar

Best Mattress: After the whole day of works, busy schedules, and daylong stress, one would certainly need a restful sleep at nights which requires a peaceful environment and a comfortable and cozy mattress. A proper mattress not only provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night time but also lowers the back pain top by acting on the pressure points.

A good night’s rest provides the most blissful experience in this world. You deserve it after a hard day at work (either at the office or home).

Now, a lot depends on the mattresses you use. The last thing you would like to have is a backache when you wake up in the morning.

It is necessary to have the best mattress when you spend one-third of your life sleeping on it. One bad night sleep can ruin the entire day and work efficiency. Here’s where a high quality mattress comes into play if you’re really serious about your health and fitness in the long run. Good sleep is the best element for a healthy life and refreshed mind. Overall it shows in every facet of life. Happiness is a byproduct of a good night sleep.

Top 10 Best Mattresses in India 2020

SaleBestseller No. 1
Sleepwell Starlite Discover Firm Foam Mattress (72x36x4)
1,468 Reviews
Sleepwell Starlite Discover Firm Foam Mattress (72x36x4)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (182.88 cm), Width (91.44 cm), Height (10.16 cm)
  • Primary Material: Foam
  • Comfort Layer: High Density (HD) Foam
  • Bed Size: Single
  • No Assembly Required: The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state
SaleBestseller No. 2
Brownie Single Bed Folding Pure EPE Foam Mattress for Travel, Picnic (4 Folding, Red)
  • Length: 72 inch, Width: 35 inch, Thickness: 2
  • Folding Mattress
  • Bed Size: Single | Mattress Type: Foldable
  • Please Take The Manual Measurement Of Your Bed Size Before Buying.
SaleBestseller No. 3
SUGANDHA Large Soft Cotton Multicolour Mattress (2 Sleeping Capacity)_72X48X4-Inch
  • Coulours Are Subjected To Availability And Advisable For The Students Who Stays In Hostel Or Pg
  • No Warranty
  • Size: Its Large 02 Person Can Sleep
  • Material - Inside Cotton And Cover Is Cotton
SaleBestseller No. 4
ATOOTFUSION Soft Cotton Filled Multicolour Mattress | Gadda (1 Sleeping Capacity - 3 x 6 ft or 72 x 36 Inch)
  • Material - Inside Cotton And Cover Is Cotton Brand: Atootfusion
  • Set Contents : 1 Cotton-filled mattress Folding
  • Coulours Are Subjected To Availability And Advisable For The Students Who Stays In Hostel Or Pg
  • The product is sold by Inara Marketing with brand name Atootfusion
  • All Cotton Product Sold by Inara Marketing Will Settle Down For A Fixed Height and Width only After Use And After That Product Will Be In Settled Position/Shape. Please Check For The Size And Requirements...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Padam Shree 2 inch Single PU Foam Mattress (Feel Extremely Soft Cum Foldable, 72x35x2 inch)
  • Mattress Feel Type - Soft
  • Shipping From Direct Factory To Buyer (Original Price)
  • Material Type - High Density PU Foam
  • Protect Cover- Premium Quality Cotton Quilted
  • Suitable for Hostel, Hotel and Extra Bed Mattress, Meditation, Exercise, Yoga & Gymnastics, Picnic
SaleBestseller No. 6
COMFIEE Sale Active Single Bed Black Cotton Folding Mattress/Gadda for Students, PG, Hostel, Picnic -3 x 6 Feet, White Colour
  • Specification::Material: Black Cotton || 6 Kg Filled Black Cotton |Mattress Colour : Multi || Size: 3 X 6 Feet Or 36 X 72 X 4 Inch || Quantity:- 1 Mattress In The Package
  • Quality:-This Mattress Is Made Of Cotton. Quality Is Designed To Give You A Soft, Cloud Like Feeling For Those Who Prefer A Medium Soft Surface. Best Experienced In The Summer.
  • Use:-Easy To Store. Mattress Size Is Best For A One Adult To Be Comfortable And A Health Posture Sleeping.
  • This Mattress Is Same As White Cotton Mattress, Only The difference Is The Cotton Of This Mattress Is Black
  • Please Note:-The Size Of New Mattress Is 3 To 4 Inches Small After Using 15 To 20 Day It Will Increase By 3 To 4 Inches.
SaleBestseller No. 7
MOROFEEL 2 Inch Dual Comfort Reversible Foldable EPE Foam Single Bed Mattress (4 Fold, Blue & Black)
  • Size: Single (Length: 72 inch, Width: 35 inch, Thickness: 2 inch)
  • Mattress Material: High Quality EPE Foam
  • Color: Blue & Black, Package Contents: 4 fold EPE Foam Mattress
  • Comfortable - Supportive foam construction to ensure back support and relaxation.
  • Lightweight & Portable - You can easily fold the mattress, which makes it convenient and easy to use It saves space as well. The mattress is easy to carry. You can carry it for your outdoor picnics, travel...
SaleBestseller No. 8
Atootfusion Single Bed Folding Pure EPE Foam Mattress for Travel, Picnic (Mattresses 2 inch Single Bed)(72x35x2) Multicolor
  • Length: 72 inch, Width: 35 inch, Thickness: 2 inch (6 ft x 2 ft 10 in x 2 in)
  • Folding Mattress
  • Bed Size: Single | Mattress Type: Foldable
  • Please Take The Manual Measurement Of Your Bed Size Before Buying.
  • Primary Material: Epe Foam | Colour: Multi
SaleBestseller No. 9
MOROFEEL 2 Inch Dual Comfort Reversible Foldable EPE Foam Single Bed Mattress 3 Fold Navy Blue
  • Size: Single (Length: 72 inch, Width: 35 inch, Thickness: 2 inch)
  • Mattress Material: High Quality EPE Foam
  • Color: Navy Blue, Package Contents: Mattress
  • Comfortable - Supportive foam construction to ensure back support and relaxation.
  • Lightweight & Portable - You can easily fold the mattress, which makes it convenient and easy to use It saves space as well. The mattress is easy to carry. You can carry it for your outdoor picnics, travel...
SaleBestseller No. 10

How to choose the Best Mattress in India 2020?

Nothing compared to good night sleep, isn’t it? In case, if you haven’t found the best mattress for yourself, here are some of the considerable factors for choosing the best mattress in India:

Types Of Mattresses:

It’s not just 1 or 2 mattresses but many different kinds of mattresses are waiting for you out there. Different people have different requirements from the mattresses which may depend on their personal choice, body types, etc. Also, remember not all the people are comforted by the same type of mattress. Therefore, you must be aware of the different types of mattresses available.

1. Hybrids mattresses – these are the mattresses which are designed using the different combinations of latex, coils, memory foam, polyurethane foams along with the other materials. These mattresses focus on enhancing certain benefits while also focuses on minimizing the varying flaws. These suit majority of the sleepers and offers

  1. Great bounce
  2. Comfort
  3. Support
  4. Cooling

2. Latex mattresses – these are made from latex foam that offers comfort and coolness to the sleepers. It suits the people who desire sleeping on foam but don’t want contour and pronounced hug. They offer

  1. Bounce
  2. Cooling effect
  3. Responsiveness

3. Memory Foam Mattress – these are made using the memory foam. Though these are known for being hot, the recently developed memory mattresses are coming with cooling properties. These are suitable for the sleepers who are looking for great support, body shaping, and pressure relief. They offer

  1. Body contouring
  2. Body shaping
  3. Excellent support

4. Pillow-top Mattress – these are made by adding an additional layer of either stuffed or cover-sewn soft material. These are the most suitable for the sleepers looking for extra comfort and a softer cushion. They offer

  1. Cushion comfort
  2. Softness
  3. Extreme comfort

5. Adjustable mattresses – these are the mattresses which have the ability to change their sleeping position according to the need of the users. These are suitable for people having any medical condition and thus require a particular position to sleep. They offer

  1. Support and comfort
  2. Specific sleeping position
  3. Massages, vibration and heat therapy to the users

6. Gel mattresses – these mattresses use gel instead of foam. This mattress is quite different than the other mattresses available and is generally preferred by heavy sleepers. These mattresses offer:

  1. Better airflow circulation
  2. Temperature control
  3. Great comfort

Life Of Mattresses:

Did you know, your mattresses also have age. Yes, they too grow old. The life of the mattress majorly depends on your sleeping pattern. According to most of the experts, you should replace your old mattresses if it is more than 8 years. Though there are many mattresses which last more than 8 years, it is the general time period of most of the mattresses.

Therefore, you should take a look at the life of the mattresses that you have chosen so as to get the desired quality for maximum time. The chosen mattresses should be so that it can deliver you the comfort for the maximum amount of time.

The Budget Of The Mattress:

Do you often relate the quality of the mattress with its budget? Do you also think that only the high budgeted mattresses are good in quality? This is where most of the buyers make mistake and end up paying more than their decided budget.

While buying the mattress, do keep in mind that money does not always mean a high-quality mattress. You should stick to your decided budget and then choose a mattress which is comfortable for you. In this ways, neither you will go out of your decided budget nor will get an uncomfortable mattress.

The Firmness Of The Mattress:

In simple words, firmness of the mattress is nothing but a measure of how hard or soft a mattress is. The firmness of the mattress is normally subjective in nature as it may vary from person to person. Some may feel a mattress soft while the other may feel the same mattress as hard.

Other than this, your body type, size, weight, and body needs are the other considerable factors that define the firmness of the mattress. The one thing that you should always keep in mind is that firmness and comfort offered by the mattress are two different things and should not be confused when buying the mattress.

The Comfort Offered By Mattress:

This is yet another important factor that you should keep in mind when selecting the right type of mattress. Comfort is the ability of the mattress to keep your spine in the right and proper alignment. A mattress that offers good comfort means that it knows how to keep your spine in the most proper alignment so that you feel comfortable.

If the mattress does not offer a good comfort, you could possibly end up with the problem of back up. Therefore, while selecting the mattress, first you should look for the comfort factor, which means you should be sure that your back is in the perfect and suitable alignment.

Your Body Weight:

Most of the buyers never pay attention to their body weight when buying a mattress. Are you also confused as to how your body weight can be a reason for choosing the most suitable mattress for you? Well, as a surprise, it is one important factor. The support, cooling effect, comfort, body contour, hug, etc. that you expect to get from the mattress largely depends on your body weight.

  • If your body weight is less and you are a lighter sleeper, you should select the universal comfort mattress whose firmness ranges in between 0.5 to 1 less than what you need
  • If your body weight is on the average side and you are an average sleeper, then you are quite lucky as most of the mattresses are perfect for you
  • If your body weight is heavy and you are a heavy sleeper, then choosing a mattress with at least 4″ comfort layers would make the best choice

Types Of Users:

Different users have different needs and therefore, they should select different mattresses for them, depending upon their body needs. You must also pay attention to your sleeping position while you select the mattress. Here is some important information related to this:

  • Side sleepers – you must select a mattress which is soft to medium, giving proper alignment to back, spine, and neck and should avoid spring mattresses
  • Stomach sleepers – you should try sleeping on the softer mattresses that reduce the pressure on the back. You can select the advanced foam mattress for your need and should avoid spring mattress
  • Pregnant woman – memory foam mattresses are often the best choice for pregnant women and should avoid extremely soft mattresses
  • The couple – memory foam or latex mattresses are the best suited for couples. They can also try the bouncy mattresses
  • Kids – you can choose latex mattress for the kids as these are harmless because of the use of natural chemicals for its making. Avoid using memory foam mattresses
  • Back pain user – people with back pain are suggested to use the orthopedic mattresses as it will reduce the pressure on the back
  • Senior users – for senior adults mattresses like gel memory foam or memory foam would make the best choice

Types of mattresses available in India

In India, you usually find the following types of mattresses.

  • Coir mattress
  • Spring mattress
  • Foam mattress
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Re-bonded Foam mattress
  • Airbed mattress

Let us look at all these different types of mattresses in brief.

1. Coir mattress

The coir mattress is an Indian innovation. Such types of mattresses are available in India alone. You use coconut coir for making these coir mattresses. Yes, they are the most eco-friendly of all the mattresses available on the market.

These mattresses are firm and hence can be uncomfortable as compared to the foam mattresses. However, they are economical.

2. Spring Mattress

The spring mattress is a better version of the coir mattress. The presence of the springs makes it a bouncy mattress. Hence, you expect the mattress to exhibit motion transfer whenever your partner moves around in bed.

The spring mattresses have a lifespan of around six years. It depends on how you use them. It is better to have a mattress topper over the spring mattress. Over a period, the spring can cut through the mattress and expose itself. A mattress topper can enhance the lifespan of a spring mattress.

3. Foam mattress

The foam mattress is the most popular one in India. You have foam inside the cushions instead of coir. They are soft and hence feel very comfortable. The foam mattresses tend to sag towards the ends.

4. Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress can give support to both side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Hence, you can also refer to these mattresses as the best mattress for side sleepers.

5. Latex Mattress

The latex mattresses have latex instead of foam. In the ordinary course, you get latex from natural sources such as rubber trees. There are ways to produce latex synthetically. You get such latex in the latex hybrid mattresses.

In addition to latex, such mattresses contain poly-foams and other materials. The latex beds come in a variety of firmness levels to suit a wide range of sleepers.

6. Re-bonded Foam mattress

Re-bonded foam is reclaimed foam and scrap foam that are glued together under pressure. It is the perfect alternative to the coir mattresses. However, they are better than the coir mattresses because of their compressibility, cushioning advantage, and energy absorption.

7. Airbed mattress

Airbed mattresses have recently become popular. These are inflatable beds that people usually use for guest accommodation. You can fold these beds and store them in your cupboard. They are light and comfortable to use.

Standard Mattress Sizes Available in India

The table below summarizes standard mattress sizes and their dimensions available in India:

Bed typeDimensionsIdeal for
Crib27” X 52”Toddlers
Twin39” X 75”Adolescents
Twin XL39” X 80”Solo adults
Full54” X 75”Couples
Queen60” X 80”Couples
King76” X 80”Couples
California King72” X 84”Couples

1. Crib sized Mattresses (27” X 52”)

The Crib mattress is just the right size for your young ones. This is a standard size of mattresses for toddlers and young children. Crib mattresses are firmer than adult mattresses and are lighter for easy cleaning in case of spills.

2. Twin sized Mattresses (39” X 75”)

The twin size is comparable to the college hostel mattresses, perfect for adolescents. Right from toddlerhood through the teenage years, the twin sized mattress will provide them adequate sleeping space. However, tall adults might struggle to get enough leg room.

3. Twin XL sized Mattresses (39” X 80”)

Twin XL mattress offers a 5” increase in length than Twin mattress to ensure enough sleeping space for solo adults. Perfect for tall college students, giving them adequate leg room.

4. Full sized Mattresses (54” X 75”)

At 54” width, full size mattress offers an upgrade in width compared to twin size. This size is best for solo sleepers that move along the clock with time. However, couples sharing a full-size mattress will have an effective width of a crib size each.

5. Queen sized Mattresses (60” X 80”)

Queen sized mattresses offer perfect individual space to couples sharing a bed. Along with being spacious enough, it also comfortably fits in smaller bedrooms making them the most popular mattress size.

6. King sized Mattresses (76” X 80”)

King sized mattresses offer a luxurious sleeping space for couples. The perfect size for couples who like to sleep together but well-apart simultaneously. Being fairly square shaped, there is no compromise in the sleeping area.

7.California King Sz Mattresses (72” X 84”)

The California King sized mattress is ideal for tall couples. Being 4” less in width as compared to king sized mattress, it still offers adequate individual space to couples facilitating better sleep quality.

Which Mattress is Good for Health in India?

1. Pregnant Ladies

Getting a sound sleep can get difficult as pregnancy progresses into the final trimesters. Along with the bulging abdomen come a few more unpleasant symptoms like backaches, heartburns and shortness of breath. All of these causes contribute to irritable behavior and mood swings.

It is extremely important for pregnant ladies to have quality rest. Not all symptoms can be eliminated, but there are ways to offer better relaxation. Switching to a high-quality firm mattress can work in your favour. Along with getting the right mattress, you must also stick to certain sleeping positions for the time being. Strictly avoid sleeping on your back and on your stomach. The best sleeping position during pregnancy is ‘SOS’ (Sleeping on side).

2. Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is not advisable as it exerts a lot of stress on your lower spine. However, some people find unique relaxation sleeping in this position. Although there are some negatives involved, there is nothing wrong if it personally feels good to you.

The best kind of mattress for stomach sleepers will be the one that possesses a certain degree of firmness. A soft mattress will lead to sinking of your lower abdomen that will eventually put a lot of stress on your spine. A high-quality foam mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers as it offers adequate firmness and maintains the natural spine alignment.

3. Side Sleepers

There apply no rules to sleeping. Some people find it relaxing to sleep on their back, some enjoy sleeping on their stomach while others are proud side sleepers. However, you must choose the correct mattress according to your dominant sleeping position.

If you are a side sleeper, you need a mattress that offers a decent combination of softness and firmness. In order to prevent generation of any pressure points, it is critical to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. This can be achieved only with a mattress that provides contouring reactive support. The best type of mattress suited for side sleepers is a high-quality foam mattress.

4. Heavy/Overweight People

There aren’t many minute details to look for when searching for a perfect mattress for heavy people. Any durable mattress fit for regular people can also suffice sleeping requisites for overweight people. However, some decisive factors can influence the suitability of a mattress to heavy people.

Only things you must take into account before buying a mattress for heavy people are firmness, thickness and durability. A soft mattress can be disguised as a more comforting option but it will only give you aches all over your body. Overweight people need relatively higher reactive support which only firm memory foam mattresses offer.

5. Back Pain

Severe back pains are one of the most common cons of a bad mattress. When costly medications do not contribute to the betterment of your condition, rectifying the behavior of your sleeping surface is your last assort. People suffering from chronic back pain need a certain set of qualities in their mattress for it to offer adequate relief. Although significant relief comes from better daytime habits, it is equally important to focus on reducing back pain in bed.

Mattresses that are too soft and offer little reaction are the worst type for people with backpain. Sleeping on a surface that allows natural, straight alignment of the spine will provide the necessary relief. To find a mattress that provides consistent reactive support along the spine is the key to relieve backpain. A High-quality foam or memory foam mattress is the best mattress in India for back pain. They conform closest to the sleeper’s body and adjust according to their contours.

Mattress Brands in India

1. WakeFit

WakeFit is actually a great brand and one of the premier destinations for mattress shopping in India. They have been known for selling quality products and offering great services over a pretty long period of time now. The very first thing you notice about their services is that they offer a risk free trial period of as much as 100 days where you can simply try the product out and then decide whether you actually want to buy it.

The warranty period lasts for as long ten years and if anytime before that you happen to experience problems related to manufacturing of the product, you can avail their services for free. The brand is also vigilant and caring enough to provide doorstep delivery to their customers for all their products.

All you need to do is place the order after selecting the mattress and it would be shipped right to your place as soon as possible. A great testimony to their amazing services comes in the form of more than ten thousands of online reviews with nothing but praises for their products and services.

2. Wink & Nod

Wink & Nod is another great brand to watch out for. If you are looking for mattresses, these guys have got you covered. Their products come with a 100 day free trial period which means you could try the product out and use it for as long as hundred days and then decide whether you actually want to use it or not.

They also give you the option to avail the cash on delivery feature so that you are not stuck with paying via a card that you don’t want to use. You also get the freedom to ensure that you are getting the product you actually ordered before paying the money. Finally, if you have decided to pay for the mattress in installments and not pay the entire amount in one go, then we have got some great news for you. The folks at Wink & Nod also offer a zero percent interest rate at EMI so that you don’t have to pay anything extra.

3. Kurl-On

Kurl-On is easily one of the most recognizable and popular brands in the Indian markets. They are known for making products that instantly become the talk of the town and are one of the most successful brands around.

Their mattresses are exactly as advertised, with great comfort and an amazing attention to detail when it comes to giving the customers what they want. They have spring mattresses as well as memory foam mattresses available, in addition to a bunch of other categories, and you are free to choose whichever one suits you the best.

Influenced by German technology, Kurl On mattresses promise to take care of your Sail sleep routine and make sure that you always wake up relaxed and well rested. Their mattresses are also great for those suffering from any kind of back problems and will never be responsible for aggravating any of your ailments.

4. Dreamzee

Dreamzee is another brand that has been making waves in the mattress industry lately. Their products have been selling really well in the markets and it is all because of their great features and perfect marketing strategies. Also, they have a capable customer service team which leaves no stone unturned in making sure you are able to grab the best value for your money.

First up, they offer free delivery. All you need to do is select the mattress that you want to buy and then place the order. The rest will be taken care of by their team. They specialise in doorstep deliveries where the product reaches you as soon as possible after the purchase and the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything extra. They offer free shipping for all orders across the country.

Next up, you would be pleased to know that their products are all of the highest quality, in the sense that they use the best quality of materials available. They use pure foam in their mattresses and that is what makes them extra soft and comfortable.

5. Dreamwell

Dreamwell is another brand that needs no introduction. Their products are bought and sold all over the country and it is easily one of the biggest brands when it comes to mattresses. Their mattresses are of the highest quality and will never disappoint a customer based on how comfortable it is.

They go out of their way to optimise their products in a way that makes them comfortable for people with back problems and other who just generally have troubles sleeping.

Finally, Impressions is a layered mattress which is unique in the sense that it offers unique profiling and ensures a correct sleeping posture, reduces your pressure points and even enhances blood circulation.

How to Select the Best Mattress for your Bedroom?

On the market, there are plenty of options to choose from, which is an advantage as you get a variety to select a quality mattress as per your preference and a disadvantage since an option surplus can lead to a lot of confusion at times. Therefore, with our Best Mattress Buying Guide, we would like to tell you’re the features that you require checking before coming to a final decision.

Bed Size

The mattress size is a significant aspect that plays a vital role whilst choosing the mattress you would prefer to put on the bed. Your mattress requirements are going to differ as per the totality of people for whom you are buying the mattress, or the type of area you’re probing for whilst you sleep.

A few people discover themselves completely comfy in a single mattress of 39” X 75” or 39” X 80” dimensions. Families or couples commonly incline to search for a queen or king sized mattresses which provide bigger spaces for sleeping, and hence additional comfort comes in.


The majorly imperative thing whilst searching for the Best Mattress in India or the Best Mattress Brands is how comfy your bed is. Some things that you should hunt for whilst determining amongst plenty of choices, is how the bed feels? Is it sufficiently soft? Or is it going to adapt as per the body’s shape or not?

As soon as you come with answers to every single one of these or have tried your mattress on such parameters, you need to take a general idea of how the bed is going to serve your napping position. There might be plenty of mattresses that are comfy whilst you’re relaxing on them but aren’t fairly the same whilst you consider lying down or sleeping on them. Hence, you should get overall satisfaction prior to investing in the accurate type of mattress for sleeping.

Quality of Mattress

The mattress’s quality is going to be your bed’s soul. It turns out to be even further significant to select the appropriate mattress quality to avert further disorders or discomfort whilst sleeping. The quality of your mattress comprises durability, firmness, and moreover, the material quality utilized.

Somebody who takes a nap on the back is going to require a firmer mattress in comparison to somebody who is a tummy sleeper. Whilst purchasing a mattress from your preferred mattress type, ensure that you try it as long as you would like to, to get overall gratification.

In addition, the different types of mattresses are prepared to make use of different chief materials. Water, foam, air and other sorts of mattresses deliver different stages of relaxation. It is imperative that you check your mattress prior to purchasing one to verify the kind of relaxation you’re probing for.

Personal Recommendation

We suppose that after every user has gone through the detailed and comprehensive reviews, they are going to find one or the other mattress that would match their requirements, preferences, and budget. Further, we would like to tell all our users that not even a single mattress on our listing is from a reputed brand and won’t trouble you anyhow after the purchase. So, you may choose any mattress considering your budget and preferences without any sort of stress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mattress shopping has always been surrounded by queries and concerns. Concerns that the mattress will suit or not with queries to what will suit whom. Therefore, here are the most frequently asked questions before and after shopping mattress.

How do I choose a new mattress?

How to choose a new mattress is the tricky question everyone faces. Mattresses have many factors to be considered and to remember all of them is hard when you shop. Therefore, our buyer’s guide and list of best mattresses above will surely help you to choose a new mattress easily. Other than that, your preference and comfort will help you choose a good mattress for you. Choose a mattress according to your comfort level, sleeping pattern and budget.

How much should I spend on a mattress?

Good mattresses don’t come cheap. Mattresses last for several years and spending a handsome amount on them will only bring you comfort with quality. Spending up to 20,000 on a king size bed mattress is well accepted and relatively less with decreasing size. You can even expect lower price according to material used and size in inches of height. The amount spent on the mattress divided by years you are going to use it will fairly bring you to the conclusion that you spend almost a few thousand for every year of use. So, do not hesitate on spending on a good mattress, as it is an investment of years which is for your comfort and ultimate well being.

What is the best place to buy a mattress?

One can buy a mattress from both online and offline stores. It is easy to try and buy from offline stores but they do not offer a wide range of variety and even lack of luxury options. While online stores like Amazon offers abundant variety in the various price range. You can shop a normal mattress and also a luxury one from the same online store. These stores also offer risk-free trials on some brands with easy returns and exchange. Therefore, shopping online, sitting at home and looking at thousands of products, which will be delivered at doorsteps a click away seems to be the best place to buy a mattress.

What is the best time of year to buy a mattress?

The best time of year to buy a mattress is a time when they are heavily discounted. Online stores and offline stores offer heavy discounts during festivities, therefore planning your purchase in advance for such offers and discounts is advised. Amazon prime day is also the best time to buy a mattress or anything else. This is the time when sellers offer heavy discounts for you to get the best deal. Otherwise, May to July is the time when the majority of sellers clear their stocks and you can get a good deal.

Which type of mattress is the best?

The most frequently asked questions about mattresses is which type of mattress is the best. Well, there is no best mattress but there is the best mattress for you. The different body needs different comfort and needs a different mattress. Preference of mattress is subjective due to factors like sleeping pattern, weather, and various others. Therefore, the best mattress is the one which gives you comfort and helps you wake up feeling relaxed and charged.

Which is the best mattress for back pain?

People in search for a mattress are mostly affected by back pains and are looking for mattresses which can relieve their back pain. Back pains are caused due to unhealthy body postures, unhealthy sleeping pattern or too soft/too hard mattress which doesn’t provide you with adequate support with comfort. Memory foam and latex foam mattresses are beneficial for users with back aches. Memory foam keeps the spine aligned with a good amount of support and comfort. Whereas latex provides firm support to back with its high-density foam that helps in maintaining the natural posture of the spine and keep user ache-free.

Which orthopedic mattress is the best?

Orthopedic mattresses are recommended for users experiencing pain in joints, back, lower back, neck, shoulders etc. They are not orthopedic or chiropractor certified but are made with orthopedic benefits. A good orthopedic mattress has firm support with medium to hard comfort level and helps in maintaining the natural postures of body and spine. Our list of top 10 mattresses in India features best orthopedic mattress too. Have a look.

Are memory foam mattress good for you?

Memory foam mattresses are everywhere. Every premium brand and premium mattress features memory foam. Therefore, the obvious question is it good arises. The question is predictable due to the comfort foam offers. The memory foams are good for body physique and health as it promotes natural body postures and regulates temperature. It retains the body shape of the user and gets into its original shape soon after losing contact. This characteristic of the foam provides personalised support to every user.

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