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In this post we will try to explain the working of air coolers and provide you some tips to buy a new air cooler. But before that, we will provide you the information that you came here to look for: The Best Air Cooler Brands and Best Air Coolers in India in 2019. For the working of air coolers and Buying Guide. One of the best ways in which you will be able to tackle this difficult summers and rising temperature is by installing an air conditioner in your house.

These brilliant machines help your surroundings to remain cool and make it much easier for you to stay in your house or any other place despite the hot weather outside.

But there are so many different air coolers available in the market which makes it really difficult to choose the right one. So in this article, we will discuss with you to the top water air coolers which you can buy in India.

Best Air Coolers In India 2022

You just can’t buy an Air Conditioner for every single room and ceiling fans usually fail during hot summer days. Most of the Air Cooler listed here have more Air deflection which means it will deliver cold air to a large area of your room without making a hole in your pocket.

Do you know? Air Conditioner causes skin problem and Asthma while Air Cooler is also Eco-friendly they give fresh, clean and humid air. People only tend to get the AC cleaned when it stops working so the uncleaned filter keeps attracting bacteria and viruses while the Air Cooler comes with Air Filter which you can clean or replace itself easily.

If we talk about power consumption then a 1-ton Air conditioner consumes around 0.8 units within an hour and a 1.5-ton Air conditioner consumes around 1.2 units in an hour while an Air cooler consumes only 0.1 to 0.15 units in an hour. So you can clearly see here that an air cooler consumes 1/10th power as compared to an Air conditioner.

Now, When you have already made up your mind for an Air Cooler. These Are Best Coolers In India 2019:

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Types of Air coolers

The desert cooler and room cooler are the 2 types of an air cooler. Both types of coolers work in the same way. But there are some features which set them apart.

Desert cooler

It takes in the air from outside and is usually fitted outside a window. The Fan in Desert cooler is used as an exhaust. But it requires more power, water, and space compared to room air coolers. If one is looking for an air cooler to combat extreme heat, then the desert cooler will be an ideal option.

Room cooler

It is less powerful than the desert cooler. It is placed on a trolley for moving it around. It is kept inside the room. The air is forced out by the fan in this cooler. The Room cooler is ideal for small rooms, this type of air coolers are generally used in households.

Now, one must have obtained the knowledge about selecting the best air cooler for their household. Why wait then? You should definitely consider buying an air cooler now.  The air cooler is a technological invention made to have cool air in a room, office, shop or any area. One should be able to blend in with the modern world of technology. The air cooler is a very useful invention and everyone must make use of it.

If one is looking for the best air cooler brand, then you can look into the list we have provided below. If you are planning to buy something new this year, it can be a new car, television, mobile or anything which provides satisfaction or saves time. So why not buy a new air cooler this year? Assuming that you have decided to buy a new air cooler, then you can consider buying the best air cooler in India 2018. So here are the top 10 Best Air coolers in India.

Best Brand of Air Coolers in India in 2022

  • Symphony
  • Bajaj
  • Orient
  • Crompton
  • Kenstar

These are some of the most popular brands of indoor air coolers in India. These are the one available online on ecommerce stores. Out of these Symphony leads in popularity. But if you are someone who is looking to cool the whole room without using an Air Conditioner, then the best alternative for you is to go for Desert Coolers that are installed on a Window. The ones with metallic body is the best. Brands like Ram Coolers make such coolers. But they are not available online on ecommerce stores. Indoor air coolers add to humidity of the room.

Are air coolers effective?

If you are trying to beat the heat during the hot summer days and on a low budget then Air Coolers really gets the job done. As said before an air cooler tries to replace an Ac in a more affordable and effective way.

Air coolers also are known as evaporation coolers brings hot air inside through the cooling pads and the water takes up the heat so the temperature of the air thus decreases. It has a pump which then passes the water down the cooling pads. This low-temperature air is then blown into your room making it colder.

As said before an Air Cooler will not cool your entire room like an AC, for example, the person sitting behind the Air Cooler will not feel any cold air even if you keep it running for 6 to 7 hours. So yeah! Air Coolers are effective but only in a certain area of the room.

Advantages of Air Cooler –

Air Cooler Costs less – You can Buy an Air Cooler instead of Ac at a very less price. If your budget is low and can’t afford an AC worth 25,000 or 30,000 then you can spend just 5,000 to 12,000 and get an Air Cooler which will get the job done.

Less power consumption – An Air Cooler consumes just a bit more than a Fan and huge less as compared to Air Conditioner. A Fan consumes around 110 W power, an Air Cooler consumes around 180 W and AC consumes around 2000 W power.

Portability – Almost all of the Air Coolers are portable and can be easily moved from one room to another. That’s the best thing about an Air Cooler you can keep and move it anywhere.

Disadvantages of Air Cooler-

Air Cooler doesn’t go well with the humid area – If humidity at your place is more then cooler isn’t suitable for you. Humid Area means where there is more moisture in the air. It sprays water so doesn’t go well with the humid area even if you buy the expensive one from the well-recognized brand. At such a place, you still have to use an AC.

Maintenance – Air Cooler requires more maintenance. You have to fill water and ice almost every day before use. It also needed to be cleaned from time to time.

Air Cooler makes lots of noise – Most of the air cooler create a loud noise and if you are trying to focus on something then bear in mind, it will disturb you a lot. This day the newer model makes less noise but still enough to draw your attention.

How to choose the Best Air Cooler in India?

Here are some essential points:

  1. Types of air coolers: The first thing that you should make up your mind is to choose the type of air coolers. You will find two popular types of air coolers to choose from:
  • Portable air cooler: these air coolers are the best for smaller rooms up to 200 square feet. You can place these air coolers inside the room and can move them around easily.
  • Desert air cooler: these are meant for larger rooms. These are generally mounted on the windows with proper installation. You must have suitable external airflow for their effective working.
  1. Speed: You should always choose an air cooler with variable speed. The variable speed of the blowers will optimize and control the power consumption. The facility to reduce the speed of the air cooler with reduced temperature is always a good option to choose for.
  2. The thickness of the pad: The air cooler pads contribute majorly for getting an effective cooling. With effective heat absorption from external surroundings, the air cooler can reduce the temperature up to 20 degree Celsius. Thicker air cooler pads are the best choice for having better absorption.

Generally, you should choose an air cooler aspen wood pad with a thickness of 25 millimetres or 2.5 centimetres or 1-inch. The rigid media air cooler pads can have a thickness of 4-inch or 10 centimetres or 100 millimetres.

  1. Air cooler size: If you are not sure about the size of the air cooler, you might end up buying the wrong one for you. You should have an accurate idea about the air cooler size as that will make you certain about its cooling capacities.

Not to forget, you would want a small size air cooler for smaller room dimensions and a larger air cooler for bigger rooms. Therefore, be sure about the appropriate air cooler size for avoiding any hassles later.

  1. Water level indicator: As you would have guessed from the name, the water level indicator is something that highlights the water requirements in the air cooler. Just imagine, if you have no idea about the remaining water levels in your air cooler and it stops delivering you cool air. Wouldn’t that be irritating? This is where you will need the support of the water level indicator.

The indicator will also help you to avoid water flooding on the floor just in case you pour more water than the required quantity.

  1. Water level controller: This is needed to help you maintain an appropriate level of water in the air cooler tank. You can choose either:
  • Automatic water level controller: which will allow the inlet valve to pass water from the faucet into the water tank automatically just after the water level goes down the required level
  • Manual water level controller: this is the one which requires the manual efforts for pouring the water inside the air cooler water tank after the required water level goes down

Nowadays, the automatic water level controllers are ruling the market as it reduces the manual need to fill the water tank.

  1. Installation: If you are not considering the installation process when buying an air cooler, you are missing on a major factor. How would you get the proper functioning of the air cooler, if it is not installed properly? And have you imagined, how would the air cooler be installed properly with complications in the same?

Look for an air cooler that allows you with an easy and convenient facility for its installation.

  1. Warranty: It is always better to choose an air cooler from a brand that offers you the maximum warranty time. You don’t want to spend your savings on repairing or changing the air cooler parts. Isn’t it?

An air cooler with a maximum warranty period will save you from any of the working complications that you might face in future.

  1. Service: Do you often get a late reply from the support team in case of any technical fault in the air cooler? Do you get no support from the supplier for the air cooler quality? This is where you will understand the need to have an effective supplier service.

Test the supplier’s services with some trial orders or needs before making the final buying decision. This will help in reducing the potential risk with inappropriate assistance from the air cooler supplier.

Tips For Cooler Air

  • Clean the cooling pads once every week with the help of a brush to get them rid off any dirt.
  • Always clean the water tank before filling in the water to prevent any bacteria to grow.
  • Fill the fresh and clean water in the air coolers.
  • For more cooling, do not close all the windows and doors of the room, rather allow air to properly flow by opening them.
  • Position the air cooler in front of a window to prevent humidity.
  • Ice can be added to the water tank to have cool air quickly. Many air coolers even have a separate space to keep ice.


if you have read the article till this point, then you are now aware of the different kinds of air coolers that you can buy from the Indian market, right?. All the air coolers have their own set of features and benefits which have placed them in this list of top air coolers. Certainly, any one of these can be your preferred choice for purchase depending on the kind of budget, room size and other needs are.

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